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Treasure Bunker Book "The War Diaries of a Panzer soldier"

Kenny Andrew

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Here is another excellent documentary Breakout from Stalingrad German radio exchanges during Operation Winter Storm. Erich took part in winter storm and said he could see the flares from Stalingrad but they could not move further forward as Soviet resistance was too great, they got so close but further progress was impossible. When my aunt took him to see the film Stalingrad at the cinema he had tears in his eyes. This documentary encapsulates the hopelessness of the encircled troops he was trying to rescue.  

Winter Storm and Thunder Strike: transcript of exchanges between top commanders at Army Group Don and 6th Army. The 6th German Army of General Paulus had been fighting in Stalingrad since September 1942. Then in November, it was encircled as a result of the Soviet counteroffensive, and the besiegers became the besieged. 300,000 men were trapped between the Don and Volga Rivers. Everyone was now expecting the relief operation supervised by Field Marshal von Manstein, then considered the most capable German commander, which would break through the Soviet ring and free them up. Launched on 12 December, Operation Winter Storm (Wintergewitter in German) reached its decisive stage on 18 December. Hoth's 4th Panzer Army has finally broken through Soviet defenses on the Aksai River and at Verkhne-Kumsky, where it had been stuck for almost 5 days, and its vanguards have reached the Myshkova River, the last defense line before reaching 6th Army. There had been much arguing about whether Paulus should have, or could have broken out of encirclement when it became clear that the relief army could not get any closer to his own. In these critical days, transcripts of radio exchanges between Paulus, Manstein and other key leaders were recorded and stored in archives.  


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