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  1. Hi Buster. Gewehr 98s of WWI era had straight bolts as the WWII k98 model had a bent bolt. But check the serial numbers to see if the bolt was replaced or is original. There were many export pattern mausers and depending on the client the bolt arm angle may have been different from a German army model. Also of importance is if it was a factory model or one made on license.
  2. Thanks guys, went to the national museum of flight outside Edinburgh to celebrate....the Vulcan bomber is something to stand under!
  3. admin

    Happy Birthday Greg!

  4. great item! I have 2 full length and a cutdown sawback. All are Saxon and one is also a aA single grip as well
  5. a quick look at pastmap records (all historic and arecheology records online for scotland plotted on a map) and the mill was used in WW1 for training of the KOSB and also in use during WWII though vague for what military purpose. It was in use a sa civil defense store after the war. Appears there are also two pillboxes on site. I would assume WWII or post war.
  6. Actually easier to just share a link from my Google photos of it https://goo.gl/photos/wqxJGn7PVVxXQjr26 Ps....yes I took photos of the WWI nurse thinking about our Babes in Uniform conversation.... So shoot me......
  7. Will do, I'm putting them up straight from my phone and seems to be putting them sideways, no clue why!
  8. I'll keep the photos to our period stuff but lots more there too!
  9. Rock of Ages is back at Dumbarton Castle this weekend, 4/5 June for general entry or free to Historic Scotland Members. There is a strong living military history element to this. I went last year, first year they had it I believe, and it was fantastic. Viking, Medieval, Napoloenic/Victorian, WWI, WWII living history displays with everything from spears to jeeps. Displays and mock battle through the day. Also lots around the site. I had a behind the scenes tour which took us into the usually locked up Napoleonic French Prison. Really interesting place as it has not been touched much since u
  10. Moderated Babes in Uniform... great that's going to go oh so well........
  11. Sorry I missed this! Happy birthday mate!
  12. Great stuff! The chairs inside the search light room made me laugh, I have the same ones! IKEA, painted field green!
  13. Police bayonets near never had actual bayonet fittings, you are absolutely correct on that. And this was is certainly pre-war, Holler was making the M84/98 III Bayonets 34-43 and probably the other types corresponding times. There are some where a steel scabbard will be chromed for parade use but unless seen in photos from the period I tend to wonder if someone chromed regular scabbards after the war to make a more expensive product to sell!
  14. Next added to my collection is a Austrian 1908 Crown Jubilee Cross for Civil Servants. Quotes from elsewhere: The Civil Servant Medal is distinguished by the colour of the ribbon in solid red While this exact version is civilian and not military, I quite like it for a few reasons. First the medal itself is quite sharp looking, the wreath around the bust with the cross is a nicer presentation than a standard circular medal. Further, in true Austrian fashion it is award as an affinity to the ruling Emperor. The Austrian empire being so much more of service to the Hapsburg fami
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