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  2. Hey Kenny or Fritz would you say this is a real photo? Thanks guys much appreciated
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  4. Must be because you moved the object it can still be seen on your PC , but when I click on it nothing. Very similar type of links which were not working on the pictures that were mentioned last week, from memory I think it was High Quality British images?
  5. I don't think there would be much value in these items , they are basically just modern prints with no historical value. Nice they are from Brian's collection which adds a bit of interest but not much value I would have thought.
  6. First ribbon is original, second ribbon impossible to say from the picture. The main value is in the medal , however always nice to get the original ribbon eventually. Medals with original ribbons will have a slight increase in value but not much.
  7. Kenny, do the ribbons look original? And if they are not original.. Do they effect the value by alot?
  8. Photos with the on the back Kenny.. Are they worth anything? This is on the back of a Himmler photo
  9. Last week
  10. Romanian Soldiers training with the Chauchat. After staying neutral for the first 2 years of war, Romania decided to enter the war on the allied side. After some initial success's the Romanian's were pushed back and part of their country was occupied. In early 1917, the Romanians decided to rebuild and re-equip their forces, with a huge influx of weapons and equipment mainly from France which had troops there as well to train the Romanians. Some 2600 Chauchats were delivered for their use. However by the end of 1917, with the collapse of Russia, the Romanians were surrounded and sued for peace
  11. German MG08's with crews, most likely the Eastern Front. The gun on the left, is not mounted on the sled, however it uses an expedient mount, an example of which is in the second picture. Image source, internet.
  12. have pre war hi power , 1937 ,bbl has waa140 stamp, on left side trigger guard , crown ph stamp , has over stamp upside down , 2 letters , VK , would you know what vk marking or stamp means and what country. thank you for any info
  13. Hello everyone Can you help me learn for identification ? (I cant found any stamp or number at inside)
  14. Ein Bild vom Wahlkampf 1932 in Hessen - Bild Nr. 26 In diesem Werk gehören die 6 Bildergruppen 62-67 A picture of the election campaign 1932 in Hessen Picture no. 26 In this volume belong picture groups 62-67 As kenny stated, from the album The first photo shown could possibly be a real photo, produced as a postcard, as I mentioned before, on a mass scale The stamp on the back could mean that this one was distributed from Schleswig-Holstein. As Jean Paul mentions, "argentic", (fr.) argent (Ag) meaning silver - photos were on a silver bromide (AgBr) basis on prinicple
  15. Early war U.S. trials of a "portable" body armor unit. The soldier is using the Springfield model 1888 rifle with a rod bayonet.
  16. Nice view of a Lewis Gun Crew, note the 2 canvas carriers off to the left of the gun which held 2 magazines. Image source, internet
  17. Another image, not crisp, but showing the VB launcher on the rifle, 4th on the right. Note several VB grenades in the soldiers hands. Image source, internet
  18. 1916 Observation post. Grainy image, however the VB launcher is quite visible. Wartime photo's of the VB in actual use are not easy to find. Image source, internet.
  19. Colonel in Chief, Kings Dragoon Guards In Russian General's uniform In Austrian Field Marsall uniform In the uniform of the Gardes du Corps Visit to Constantinopel, 1916 Exile in Doorn
  20. It was a mass produced image, but has photo qualities, and is probably "Fotodruck".
  21. when I click on the above link, I get the same picture as before (the fieldgrey pieces shown, same as second picture), probably because I moved the object.
  22. I'm only seeing 5 images, there is a link after the first photo like this 100_6834.JPG but I cannot open it.
  23. These are not photos but pictures from the Adolf Hitler Sammelbilder Album, these pictures would be added to the album to complete it. The pictures on their own are not worth very much we usually sell them for a couple of pounds.
  24. What does this mean on the back of photos? Do any of you know?
  25. I will get back to you on the dimensions on the photo. Kind regards Lee
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