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  2. Very interesting! This plane looks so much bigger in photos and in films, but is quite small when viewed in person. I remember there was a nice example of this plane on display at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany awhile back.
  3. Was given this old Feuerwehr helmet and this military style belt just now. Latter is most likely postwar as it is rivetted and not stitched, it also has a two-prong buckle made of better quality white metal or Neusilber, more likely post war, the two sliding loops are missing. Items from two diffent wearers. I was given these by Nancy Riedel, who told me, the helmet was from her uncle Stichting in Wanna (Niedersachsen). The helmet is probably post WW1 and pre-1935, could be even older, and most likely worn by the Freiwillige Feuerwehr in the area of Wanna - asumedly as there is no cockade, and the badge does not have any particularities, just general firebrigade symbols of helmet, axes and water hose, there is also no Prussian cockade, which would otherwise be state firebrigade, so therefore most likely volunteer brigade, of which there were many. The helmet has the same construction as a Pickelhaube, just different mountings and a different strap, the lining is also standard for a Pickelhaube. Very dirty, dusty, cobwebs, the leather form dry and slightly deformed, fittings oxidised, and badge is loose, one of two fixing posts is missing. Has suffered from years of bad storage. Right hand rosette is very much oxidised with verdigris, cleaning could prove difficult. Belt of post-war vintage, as often worn by Police, Bundesgrenzschutz Fireservice or civil defences, etc. an leather, outside blackened.
  4. Thanks for the reply Kenny, hopefully something will turn up. If you havent seen it already, heres a link to our teaser trailer about our film... www.chrisfarlowethefilm.com enjoy
  5. East Prussia in the 12th Century The Pruzzen in the Baltic Area in ancient times. Martyrium of Albrecht of Prag at the hands of the heathen Pruzzen in 997 A.D., a similar fate was met by his successor, Bruno von Querfurth in 1009 A.D., 12th C., bronze-relief on the church door of Gnesen / Gniezno. Die Missionierung der Prußen begann im Jahre 997, als der böhmische Bischof Adalbert von Prag, unterstützt vom polnischen Fürsten Boleslaw I., bei den Prußen missionierte, wobei er das Martyrium erlitt. Ein ähnliches Schicksal erlitt sein Nachfolger Brun von Querfurt im Jahre 1009. The Crusades in the Baltic - Herzogtum Preußen and the Deutscher Orden (Order of the Teutonic Knights), prior to the Battle of Tannenberg in 1410 A.D. The Christian armies of the West and the Teutonic Knights suffered a major defeat against the Slawic-Polish-Lithuanian armies at Tannenberg. Tannenberg, 15. July 1410 as seen in the Berner Chronic by Diebold von Schilling d. Ä. Deutsche Ordensritter, early 15th C. The Marienburg, centre of the Deutscher Orden in Prussia
  6. Chris Farlowe, Tours 2019 http://www.hamburgbluesband.de/tourdates.html Fr. 04.01.2019 Koblenz "Café Hahn" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Sa. 05.01.2019 Garching "Gasthaus zum Bräu" HBB feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Mo. 07.01.2019 A-Salzburg "Rockhouse" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Fr. 11.01.2019 Hamburg "Downtown Bluesclub" HBB feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Mtthews Sa. 12.01.2019 Schwerin "Speicher" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Do. 17.01.2019 Bonn "Harmonie" feat. Maggie Bell, Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Fr. 18.01.2019 Bensheim "Rex" HBB feat. Maggie Bell, Stoppok, Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Sa. 19.01.2019 Affalter "Zur Linde" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews So. 20.01.2019 Dortmund "Piano" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Di. 22.01.2019 A-Linz "Arbeiterkammer" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Fr. 25.01.2019 Oldenburg "Charly´s" feat. Krissy Matthews Fr. 22.02.2019 Hannover "Blues Garage" feat. Chris Farlowe, Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Sa. 23.02.2019 Plauen "The Ranch" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Fr. 08.03.2019 Bordesholm "Savoy" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthewes Mi. 10.04.2019 A-Wien "Reigen" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 18.04.2019 Hamburg "Fabrik" "JON HISEMAN MEMORIAL" feat. Colosseum´s Chris Farlowe, Clem Clempson, Mark Clarke, JCM, Ralph Salmins, HAMBURG BLUES BAND, Arthur Brown, Adrian Askew, Tom Ridout & Krissy Matthews Fr. 26.04.2019 Halle "Objekt5" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Sa. 27.04.2019 Winterbach "Lehenbachhalle" feat. Arthur Brown, Stoppok, Maggie Bell, Pete Brown, Adrian Askew & Krissy Matthews Di. 30.04.2019 Weil am Rhein "Altes Rathaus/Gewölbekeller" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Mi. 01.05.2019 Nürnberg "Hirsch" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 02.05.2019 Dudenhofen "Festhalle" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Fr. 03.05.2019 Ravensburg "Zehntscheuer" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 04.05.2019 Offenbach "KJK Sandgasse" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 08.06.2019 Mützingen "Alte Ziegelei/Mützingenta" HBB & Friends special Fr. 20.09.2019 Joldelund "Guitar Heroes Festival" feat. Krissy Matthews Sa. 05.10.2019 Forst "Manitu" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Fr. 11.10.2019 N-Asker Bluesclub "Asker Bluesclub" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Sa. 12.10.2019 N-Nes "Nes Blues Club" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Mi. 30.10.2019 Crimmitschau "Theater Crimmitschau" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 31.10.2019 Kirchheim/Teck "Bastion" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Fr. 13.12.2019 Melle "Kulturwerkstatt" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 14.12.2019 Torgau "Kulturbastion" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 19.12.2019 Berlin "Quasimodo" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 21.12.2019 Worpswede "Music Hall" HBB and Friends feat. Chris Farlowe, Krissy Matthews u.a.
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  8. Hi Asa, welcome to the forum, yes it's hard to find photos of the old shop, even videos of Chris other than the well known ones. I did have some great ones here of my favourite mid to late sixties era, some very psychedelic ones but as usual you tube disabled the accounts I should really have made copies but they are out there somewhere. Great idea to ask here for media about Chris I would love to see that too.No idea how to contact Georg Grimm but maybe he might see this post. Also please keep us up to date with Chris's exploits and feel free to post any pictures or media here, it's a good place to keep it all together. Tell Chris I'm asking for him, and I hope we can get you some new material, if anybody has anything, feel free to post it
  9. Hi, my name is Asa and im part of a small film team making a documentary on Chris Farlowe. Ive just stubbled across this fascinating thread and wondered if anyone has any old photos or video of Chris, Camden Passage, Call to Arms or even just Islington from the time Chris was trading there. Im trying to contact Georg Grimm but having no luck to date. Anything would be of interest. A quick Chris update whilst im here, Chris is in good health still singing in the UK and Europe, he also dabbles in the odd furniture deal here and there. many thanks, Asa.
  10. The US knives are also all being reproduced, the most common is the M1918 double edged blade type. Below are some examples. AMU1920__04.webp
  11. I agree with you Fritz, pretty much all the accessories I have seen for the MG42 are all Yugo types. While close in appearance, not always accurate. but like you said, generally much cheaper.
  12. The US Civil war was from 1861-1865, consisted of fighting between US federal forces (North) and Confederate forces (South). Northern troops were generally better equipped than their southern opponents, mainly due to the the large industrial and economic base in the North. Originally there was only one manufacturer for canteens, however as the war dragged on, more companies were added. Once the canteens were produced and inspected they were packed 200 per wooden shipping crate and sent a forward supply depot for issue. Here we have a US m1858 canteen (3 Pints), this type was used by federal troops. This canteen had a metal circular body, where 2 halves were soldered together, covered by a cloth cover. originally these canteens were supposed to be supplied with a leather carrying strap, but expediency and economic issues intervened, and the use of cloth based straps were introduced. This canteen has a brown colored cloth cover, which is not uncommon. Fanciful images of this period are of canteens that are blue or grey colored in appearance, although the matching uniformity was appealing, wartime production took whatever materials were available. The canteen itself has three loops for the cloth shoulder strap, and the stopper has a piece of twine to prevent loss. The shoulder strap is marked "Geo. D. Winchell, Marsh and Co. which was based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I got this canteen in a matching uniform and field gear group from a soldier in the Spanish American war.
  13. WW2 versions had ground up cork under the paint to help reduce glare for the helmet, however WW2 models were used for quite some time. I have seen the front and rear seam helmets used into Korea and Vietnam, sometimes afterwards. Liners were no exception either. I have even seen US troops (non front line) using them into the late 1990's. It is common also to find the helmets with dents, as the steel pot was sometime used for cooking, latrine use, to beat a tent stake in, etc.
  14. Good to know, I have seen some of handles for these recently. It is amazing how prevalent the reproductions have become lately.
  15. Seen a similar example in London's Imperial War Museum many years ago. Watch out for repro Demag daggers, which have been around for many years now. They are thought to be made in India, quality of manufacture is not bad, just the leather parts, being black, make it look too un-authentic, apart from being without any finish and quite blank. If buying a repro, then it is a question of the price, too many offers are overcharging. Otherwise, normal trench daggers have become very expensive in the past few years. Another apparent reproduction, which might easily fool collectors. Demag type trench dagger, repro
  16. I had one like that many years ago - about 1966/67, with the "woodchip" finish, but slightly darker. It had a slight dent the the rear of crown, and a roughly red painted "Smith" at the back, otherwise all complete. I'm quite sure it was a WW2 example.
  17. Most MG 42 items offered are simply Yugo postwar or even Bundeswehr copies, not even original WH, they would cost a fraction of the price.
  18. Here is the canvas web pouch designed to carry the half moon clips for the M1917 revolver. The pouch had 3 snap closure compartments that held 2 clips of 3 rounds each, so the entire pouch would hold 18 rounds. This pouch would be attached the pistol belts, it would slide over the end of the belt and be fastened using the button on the back of the pouch. Also shown are examples of the moon clips.
  19. Interesting, hopefully you will be able to wheel and deal again. When these tripods come up for sale here, they are a gamble, usually cobbled together re-works. I have not seen a untouched, nice original painted one outside a museum here.
  20. As often is the case for any conflict, your time is spent between terror and boredom. US troops along with many other nationalities had to contend with "down time" as best they could. Below are some period examples of games and diversions used. First is a wooden dice shaker, as gambling was frowned upon or illegal in most militaries, it naturally flourished with the troops. The overall length is about 3 inches, so easy to carry in a pocket, and hide from your superiors! Next is brass spinner which was popular with British and commonwealth troops. "Trench checkers" were another popular diversion, this set was available from the USO (United Service Organization). It consisted of a cardboard playing board, and red/black tokens. This set is unissued with the paper sleeve. Last is a card game called Flinch, this one has the last revision date of 1913. Cards and card games were widely popular.
  21. We used to get them in all the time, but due to the new EU laws de-acts are not turning up as often as before, only the new specs can now be sold and they are only just coming onto the market. Most collectors can't sell their old specs which has reduced the amount of de-acts on the market , however there is talk that once we leave the EU we should be able to legally sell them again, whither this is the case or not we will need to wait and see. From memory I think we used to get Mg42 Lafettes more often than the Mg34's. However allot of them were ex Yugoslavian army with Yugoslavian paint, it was quite rare to find them with the original German paint and when we did we could at least double the price, especially with the original pads.
  22. When the US decided to enter the conflict in WW1, they had to look at the hard realities of the conflict, to include hand to hand fighting and equipment involved. So the US Ordnance Department requested designs from various manufacturers with general requirements. One of the official requirements for this knife was that it should be able to penetrate German overcoats. The design that was selected was from Henry Disston and Sons, of Philadelphia. Their design featured a slim sharp pointed triangular blade that was 9 inches long which ended with a wooden handle and a metal spiked knuckle guard. The triangular approach was favored as it would easily go through clothing to handle business. The Disston knife was approved and named the US Model of 1917. Metal parts were blued and stamped accordingly. The scabbard issued with these knives consisted of a leather scabbard which was painted a olive green color, which attached to a metal throat that had cartridge belt hooks, so it could be attached to the current field gear. This weapon saw front line use with the US forces, but the shape of the blade limited its uses, which led to the development of the M1918 Mk1 trench knives. This knife is marked "L.F. & C" which stood for Landers, Frary and Clark.
  23. Last week
  24. Deactivated MG-34s are plentiful right now, but the MG-42's and post war versions are quite hard to find.
  25. Just curious, are these tripods easy available in Europe? If so, what types are seen more often, the MG34 or 42 types.
  26. Hey Fritz, yes my mistake, been having a Migraine most of the week, driving me nuts. Must have had aviation on the brain!
  27. Excellent. However the correct word is "Lafette". Lafayette was the name of a French aviation squadron with almost completely American volunteers 1915-17, named after the French Admiral, who assisted during the American war of independence, 1776-1783.
  28. Backpacks were made of cowhide (Kalbsfell) since 1718. I have a 1915 example, which I will post at a later date.
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