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  2. Austro-Hungarian prisoners in Russia - the chances of survival were marginal
  3. A lot of them ended up in the barbed wire at High Wood and Bazentin, others ended up on show at Hagenbecks Tierpark in Berlin and Hamburg.
  4. Members of the 9th Hodson's Horse (Bengal Lancers), Indian Army, pause to consult a map near Vraignes in1917. image source, internet.
  5. Austro-Hungarian forces operate a Becker Type M2 20mm anti-aircraft gun. The M2 was originally designed to be used in aircraft, but was adapted for many other uses and was the inspiration for the famous Oerlikon 20mm canon in WW2
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  7. Originally a British gun, however the US adopted it as well. The casing is British and the replica head is a US model.
  8. British or American? I once had a complete 2 pounder shell and case - the head was of a very impressive armour-piercing steel, which had a polished finish. This was of course, a British example and had come from an RAF armoured-car, which had been used in North Africa, it came direct from a veteran.
  9. The Ordnance Quick-Firing 6-pounder 7 cwt or also known as the 57mm, was primarily an anti-tank weapon, however it was also used on allied vehicles. The gun was introduced in 1942 and was used for some time after the war. The US also adopted the 57mm and it was called "57mm Gun M1". Below is a British marked shell casing dated 1943. The shell head itself is a 3D printed replica, until I can find a real one to replace it with.
  10. a new item for the Museum: Bayonet Troddel, 2. Kompagnie - to complete the 98/05 bayonet on display In remarkable condition for it's age and purpose, these were usually subject to a lot of wear and tear as well as dirt.
  11. German troops inflating an observation balloon. Observation balloon long range camera.
  12. Colorized photo of German Artillerymen with a 9cm C/1873 gun. Image source, internet German flame thrower in action
  13. Colorized photo of Austrian troops with a Acetylene powered searchlight, 1916. Image source, internet
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  15. x Churchill as a guest at the Kaisermanöver near Breslau in Schlesien, 1906 Also General Hamilton and Lord Lonsdale
  16. Wer war der stolze Soldat im Wittmannsdorfer Grab? Wie kommt eine preußische Auszeichnung für die Teilnahme am Befreiungskrieg gegen Napoleon in ein Grab eines ursprünglich sächsischen Dorfes? In Kirchenbüchern finden sich Puzzleteile, die eine Erklärung liefern. 09. Juni 2020, 15:42 Uhr•Wittmannsdorf Von Katrin Kunipatz Dieses Fundstück stammt aus einem der Gräber. Es handelt sich um eine Kriegsdenkmünze, die an preußische Soldaten in den Befreiungskriegen gegen Napoleon ausgegeben wurden. (1814) Diese Urkunde belegt das Johann Gottlieb Schüler als preußischer S
  17. 7 Improved pictures added as from part 3 Post-war awards Österreich, 1. Republik, 21. December 1932 (Medailleur: Grienauer) * Ungarn, Titularkönigreich, 26. May 1929, decrée by Admiral Horthy Bulgarien, Königreich, 9. December 1933, on order of Zar Boris of Bulgarien * was also awarded with crossed swords on the ribbon and mounted on the ring, for those who had been decorated for bravery or wounded.
  18. These would have the category "Dienstmarke"
  19. Great helmet and wonderful repaint. I got a repainted m40 with Normandy type camouflage that have three colours on it. The previous owner repainted it and applied some aluminum oxide powder too to make it more original but I still think it's not good enough, and the helmet itself lacks manufacturing mark, seems scratched off, but I don't doubt its authenticity. I will find a way to upload the picture because the VPN I'm using is problematic..
  20. Here is my other MG34, deactivated. Dated 1942, the bipod is dated 1943.
  21. Hello LoC, I will send you a personal message about where you can look for one.
  22. Three French decorations from the Second World War: The Croix de Guerre of 1939, on replaced correct ribbon Corps Expeditionaire Francais d'Italie, 1943 Medaille de la Résistance, 1940-44 The Croix de Guerre was issued for 1939 and 1939-1940, the latter supposedly only by the Vichy Régime and worn on a different ribbon. The Vichy version was prohibited after the war. The second medal was awarded to the Free French troops of the CEF, who landed with the Allies in Italy in 1943. Aluminium extra patinated. The Résistance Medal was awarded to those who "stayed behind
  23. Three French decorations of the Great War period. - Médaille de la Victoire, 1914-18 - Médaille de la Grande Guerre, 1914-18 - Croix du Combattant, 1914-18, instituted in the late 1920s for former combattants
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