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  1. Welcome to the forum Gerd, look forward to seeing pictures of the Volksmarine uniform and your collection
  2. Excellent Fritz, looks much better now, I have deleted the two small older pictures in the first post for you. With the old smaller pictures you don't actually need to take new pictures, just save the old picture then re-post it again and it appears in the new large format. I do that allot with the older posts but there are so many of them it can be quite time consuming, but it is worth it as they look much better.
  3. Hi Miguel, here is a similar one for sale in the US at the moment for $229 which is about 189 Euro, hope this helps. If you want to sell it we have a classifieds section in the forum details below To sell in the Classifieds area you need to be a Gold member. Gold membership can be bought via the top menu by clicking 'Store' then 'Subscriptions' then 'Gold member' where you can pay using the shopping cart via PayPal. Gold membership costs £15 for the first year which can be renewed subsequently for £10 per year. This allows Gold members to post their items for sale for one year, with a max
  4. That would be a very nice family group, father and son both with Military Medals. The Second World War Military Medal is also much scarcer as 115,000 Military Medals were awarded during the First World War compared to only 15,000 in the Second World War.
  5. That's very unusual I've never come across that before, as usual there may have been exceptions to the rule but generally they were issued unnamed, perhaps because he got the Medaille Militaire which was named the others were named at the same time? Another interesting fact is no more than five stars could be worn at any one time, those who qualified for more received a clasp to be worn on the appropriate star. Got the spell check changed it was set to English (United States) now fixed
  6. Yes it is still possible to get them stamped or engraved privately, your correct the British way to spell it is defence, my spell checker must be English American not sure how to change that on my browser, thanks for pointing that out, will take a look and try to update it
  7. It's possible he got his name engraved privately but they were never issued named. Also of interest are the Canadians, whilst their War and Defense medals were the exact same as the British they were actually made from silver rather than the British which were cupro-nickel. The Indian , South African and Australians also had there own Defense medals which were a totally different design.
  8. Paul British stars were never named, the only countries who named their stars were India, Australia and South Africa
  9. Pacific stars are harder to find, I can sometimes go for months without having one in stock, where as all the others are pretty much in stock most of the time. The Atlantic star is next rarest, then the Burma, then France and Germany, Africa, Italy and most common the 39-45 star.
  10. The Pacific is the rarest after the Aircrew, then there are also the clasp combinations such as a Pacific star with a Burma clasp which is rarer again.
  11. Yes it's a nightmare, it's legal for you to have it, but you can never sell it or even give it away. Unless you get it deactivated to EU/UK spec which will totally ruin it and could end up costing as much as the gun is worth. Then you need to inform the Home Office Serious Violence Unit that you have it and give them your name and address, then if you do sell it, you need to inform them again and give them the name and the address of the person you sold it to.
  12. Hi Russland, welcome to the forum. Karl Erbacher is the name of the company who made the badge they were based in Pforzheim in the southwest of Germany. Unfortunately there would be no way to find out who the badge belonged to with only this information. Do you have a picture of the badge, would be interesting to see it and more information on where you found it.
  13. Well at least this helmet is easy to trace, it would have been used in Edinburgh
  14. Hi Fritz, another post with these strange image links, I've not come across this problem before are these viewable on your PC?
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