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  1. kenny andrew

    Second world War Target Harmonisation Posters

    I'm sure I have a couple of these somewhere in the basement of my shop, however the ones I have are of desert scenes, I had no idea what they were, must try to dig them out sometime.
  2. kenny andrew

    The Battle of the Falklands

    Here's a very good documentary about the run up to the first world war Falklands battle.
  3. kenny andrew

    Husaren-Regiment 15 in Wandsbek

    Great news the site has been found again. Hopefully some one will now look after the graves. It's a shame these men have been forgotten for all these years.
  4. That looks like another excellent film which I have not seen before, another to watch when I eventually get my computer set up on my TV screen.
  5. kenny andrew

    High quality color photographs. British side

    Another good photo of our Canadian allies, Major General Frederic Franklin Worthington, MC, MM, CD, nicknamed "Worthy" and "Fighting Frank", was a senior Canadian Army officer. He is considered the father of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. Worthington was born in Peterhead, Scotland. Here he is in a Fox Armoured Car at Parliament Hill.
  6. kenny andrew

    High quality color photographs. British side

    Here are some good photos of a corporal of the Grenadier Guards with a Churchill tank. Guards Armoured Training Wing, Pirbright, Surrey, October 1943.
  7. kenny andrew

    Kurt Knispel, almost unknown Panzer Ace

    That looks like an excellent book Fritz, I'll keep an eye out for it here's the scene from "The Eagle has landed" which was apparently inspired by Kurt Knispel's famous intervention with the SS soldier.
  8. kenny andrew

    Help with a British Mark III helmet

    I think the stands look great in black, your collection is coming along nicely too
  9. kenny andrew

    AFS/NFS Badges

    I fixed the link on your film Jack, here's another interesting film and although not NFS it is related being Civil Defense it's the first time I've seen the Civil Defense helmets being worn in a film.
  10. kenny andrew

    Help dating military photos

    Hi Jack, yes these were personal portraits so one of the soldiers is probably a relative of yours or maybe both if they are brothers, I agree, early war probably 1914 or 15.
  11. kenny andrew

    Gebirgsjäger ski goggles identification

    Yes that is strange I have never seen any being worn in period photographs either. Apparently they are 2nd pattern Gebirgsjäger goggles based on goggles used by Eskimos to prevent snow blindness. Apparently similar goggles were used by the French and the Italians during WW1 .
  12. kenny andrew

    Help with a British Mark III helmet

    Looks good Jack, a bit of wood stainer or varnish might be an option too.
  13. Hi Nicola, I sent gunner a message but have not heard back from him yet, he is in Australia and I know he works away from home for several weeks at a time, hopefully will hear from him soon
  14. kenny andrew

    Help with a British Mark III helmet

    Hi Jack, welcome to the forum, Leon is our expert on British helmets I'm sure he will be along soon. Paint looks original to me
  15. Really impossible to say for certain without any insignia, however with the name Mackenzie then most likely a Scottish Infantry regiment. Also the fact it was found in Glasgow would make it most likely to be a lowland regiment, so the order of local regiments would be the Highland Light Infantry which is the local Glasgow regiment, or possibly the Cameronians or the Royal Scots Fusiliers who both also recruited from Glasgow and surrounding areas. I would say Cameronians but then I'm biased. The tunic below would have been worn in South East Asia but as in my uncles case the Cameronians also fought in North West Europe. This battledress blouse was worn by Sergeant Frank Picken from 1944-1947. The cloth badges on the sleeve indicate that Sergeant Picken was a Cameronian who served as part of the South East Asia Command (SEAC). The SEAC’s operational area during the Second World War was in India, Burma, Ceylon, Malaya, Singapore and Sumatra. Service records show that Sergeant Picken served in India and Singapore. The picture badge is the formation badge of the Allied Land Forces South East Asia Command which was previously known as the 11th Army Group of the SEAC. The three stripes or chevrons on the sleeve indicate the rank of Sergeant. This tunic is on display in the Cameronian museum 129 Muir Street Hamilton, ML3 6BJ. The museum holds a collection of objects relating to Sergeant Picken’s service with The Cameronians in the 1940s. Picture credit the Cameronian museum, Hamilton.