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  1. Must be because you moved the object it can still be seen on your PC , but when I click on it nothing. Very similar type of links which were not working on the pictures that were mentioned last week, from memory I think it was High Quality British images?
  2. I don't think there would be much value in these items , they are basically just modern prints with no historical value. Nice they are from Brian's collection which adds a bit of interest but not much value I would have thought.
  3. First ribbon is original, second ribbon impossible to say from the picture. The main value is in the medal , however always nice to get the original ribbon eventually. Medals with original ribbons will have a slight increase in value but not much.
  4. I'm only seeing 5 images, there is a link after the first photo like this 100_6834.JPG but I cannot open it.
  5. These are not photos but pictures from the Adolf Hitler Sammelbilder Album, these pictures would be added to the album to complete it. The pictures on their own are not worth very much we usually sell them for a couple of pounds.
  6. second image in first post seems to be missing Fritz
  7. Hello Jean-Paul, welcome to the forum and your advice regarding the stamp which I would concur with, just one other thing selling is only allowed on the classifieds forum if you are interested in an item please use the personal messenger to contact the member involved rather than on the actual forum thread. Thanks
  8. Hi Lee, both items look ok , please when you post an item could you name the item in the title rather than posting "is this real" otherwise the forum will get very confusing and difficult to search for items. In this case the title could be "Third Reich 40 year faithful service cross, original? " Thanks
  9. They probably are a bit more desirable, all those figures are now discontinued I believe, £25 was the price I used to sell them when they were new. The problem with toy soldiers is the bubble seems to have burst, manufacturers got greedy putting up prices and making more than collectors could keep up with. What does it say under the base that should tell you the maker and year? They could be King and Country in which case they would be worth a bit more.
  10. First tunic is a Lieutenant Colonels Highland cutaway tropical tunic for the HLI , Highland Light Infantry ( Local Glasgow Regiment) WW1 up to 1953 unless dated to be more specific. Second tunic is a WW2 German Gebirgsjager officers mountain troop wind jacket with slip on lieutenants green piped shoulder boards. First belt is a stable belt for the Coldstream guards, second is also a stable belt I believe but without regimental colours and the third is a Scottish cross belt usually worn by pipers. Final tunic is a modern DPM combat tunic again for the Coldstream guards with the Army Commando
  11. Hi Lee, these look like Collectors showcase figures, we used to sell them in their boxes for £25 each
  12. I would not be too happy with these, they look like the type of fake items that are coming out of Eastern Europe utilizing original antiques etc. and adding fake eagles and swastikas.
  13. As long as it is cast iron and not resin, always hard to tell from photos then it is OK. The case looks a bit new and like Fritz I have not see a cased one before. As long as the plaque is original then the price is good.
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