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  1. Happy Birthday Reece!

  2. Happy Birthday Reece!

  3. hand washimg sounds better ill get tjat disinfectant on the way home from work, Before doing anything ill get some pictures of the flags material if helps , thats true kenny, im sure they will be more confused than anything , think its an invasion or somthing !!
  4. Ill get the stuff tomorrow and give it a try Kenny theirs a small synthetic flag, and the large wool one if you remember ?
  5. Ill give it a go again, with fabfeze, if not your right maybe there might be other suggestions, that could work , might fade it though , i think i would cry if that happened
  6. I tried cleaning it with some non chemical cleaner but it still has a smell to it quite scared to put anything else on it , just incase it ruins in , any idea what i could use. also in the house i was living in at the time , i stored a few things in a cupboard i checked for damp ect , the Bayonet i have and also an Italian helmet , the leather and the bayonet frog got covered in mould , was absolutely devastated after coming back from holiday, checking everything was still there, to find that, wiped it off and made sure it was somewhere else, just hope it hasn't effected them in any
  7. Considering its a a piece of material , that could be used for wiping it on the lenses ? , especially in that sort of climate where it can get well below freezing . and where your pobley in the same position or outside for hours ? the only anti gas sort of stuff ive seen was powder too
  8. Makes sense. Yeah i remember awhile ago reading about certain gas-mask filters containing asbestos , that's something i wouldn't want to be exposed to. I always see pictures of air-soft enthusiasts , and reinactors wearing masks with filters attached, surely that would make you seriously ill !
  9. Here's that Gas mask i was talking about. Soviet Era polish army gas mask, as dated 1987 , so coming to the end of the soviet unoin haha, Not the usual sort of thing i would collect but, i thought i would keep in the spirit of soviet era things for now , since the last thing i bought were those 2 DDR flags from Kenny Also i cant figure out what that small container, with the peice of cloth inside it is. Its got some sort of oily residue on it, all i can think of is anti fog , for the lenses, any ideas ?
  10. Definitely ! Realised that after awhile ! ,plenty other regiments where i can get a trade on the job, and get a good career out of it Was suppost to go to 4 Scots in Fallingbostel Germany ,Armored infantry Haha reading back on that now is hilarious, scary at the time though ,pretty glad my fingers are still intact, that's quite a large round
  11. I been a few years.. Hate this getting older malarkey I've just been working alot for the past few years done all sorts, was training in the infantry had a few complications came out, reapplied and going back in as a vehicle mechanic possibly, apart from that barwork. As far as collecting goes the most recent thing i bough was an old soviet gasmask. whats changed since ive been away ! how are all you ! Also remember that shell incident
  12. Not been on the forum in a nearly 3 years , dont suppose any of you old chaps remember me
  13. Happy Birthday Reece!

  14. Happy Birthday Reece!

  15. Happy Birthday Reece!

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