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any ideas on mow much my rifle is worth?

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i went to stoneleigh militaria fair after my 16th birthday and i brought a deactivated 1936 Russian Mosin Nagant rifle for £110 it came with a sling and bayonett and a deactivation certificate the gun has all matching serial numbers 'even on the bayonett' its also made at the Tula factory, since then i have brought a few bits n bobs for the rifle like, 6 rare bulgarian stripper clips, a mosin nagant ammo pouch with the date 1969 i think stamped inside, a mosin nagant cleaning kit with oil bottle, and 5 inert 7.62 rounds its a new spec deactivation but it can be cocked striped and dry fired. i dont want to sell my rifle i was just wondering how much its worth, the guy who owns the shop said its worth around £165 any other ideas?

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Hello Broom of Doom , I take it I'm the guy who owns the shop :D welcome to the forum :)


could you post some pictures then we can check condition?


yes you are the guy :D lol i'll post some

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Hi Broom of Doom, it is quite a nice one and with all the extras probably we would sell in the region of £195 -£225


wow! thanks for the valuation m8 :D

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