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K.98 Bayonet scabbard markings


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A collector enquired on a forum about the markings on the scabbard tip of K.98 bayonets, something that had not come to my attention before. On my two examples, there is nothing much to note, the one clc 43 has an illegible marking to the rear of the ball tip, which has some corrosion and light pitting rendering almost completely illegible, I had previously understood this to be a WaA mark. On my other early, almost mint example S/155G, there is simply a rounded indentation to the rear of the tip.
The bayonet scabbard in question looks as though it has been post-war re-worked and the tip almost completely ground down and re-blued, the rear bearing a mark, which looks like "GAELE" or "EAGLE", which is puzzling. Has anyone come across marks like these before?







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 Very odd marking. Unknown?  The modification to the tip of the scabbard reminds me of some of the Turk bayonets.  The source I use with markings and photo  is  the  K98k Bayonet Registry and Photos  



another group of web  references: https://www.k98kforum.com/threads/german-bayonet-manufacturers-and-their-codes.4819/




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All just basic usefull information, but does not explain the anomalities on the example shown.





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An example of a very much misused K.98 bayonet, damage was probably done post-war through misuse and disregard
Makers fnj44 and S/174



Button has been additionaly stamped with a number, presumably reissue




The ball tip has been ground down substantially



Quite a bit of damage to the surface on fireguard, grips and other parts. The screw on the scabbard throat has also been ground down



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