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Unknown early Sword Bayonet by Runkel, Solingen


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Has anyone an idea what this sword bayonet could be? I thought for the moment it could be a British contract to fit the Baker Rifle. Would welcome all comments and suggestions. The present owner is going to find out if it fits an example of a Baker Rifle.







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  • Fritz changed the title to Unknown early Sword Bayonet by Runkel, Solingen

Never seen such an odd thing. It kind of reminds me of a 1840s period Jager sapper sword bayonet or some 1820s -1850 s European rifle sword bayonet.

Unfortunately, I do not collect or see many of these old types in the U.S.  It has to be an 1800s sword bayonet type for engineers or sappers. 


Here is a  British Victorian sapper sword bayonet;



This is a  normal Baker sword bayonet that I picture in my mind. maybe a special sapper type? image.png.15403e7c46aecd0edca36a02a5f2f0cd.png

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 So who has a book on early socket type European bayonets? Nothing is found in  Collecting Bayonets: Madox., Bayonets: Janzen's notebook, Bayonets of the First World War:Berad & Aubry, or any of the U.S. only bayonet references.  Its distinctive thin handle and its socket type place it early post 1800. An interesting specimen. 


 some data from its source"D hand guard with slotted socket to accept musket or rifle muzzle, the socket is 12cm in length with a width of 22mm. The blade straight and single edged the spine maker marked RUNKEL Solingen Overall length 98cm the blade 86cm"

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I have cross posted this post because there are some big time bayonet collectors on a popular U.S. forum. It is getting some interesting results from some expert bayonet collectors. More pictures of the handle and how its attached would help. Is that possible?

see replys:   https://www.gunboards.com/threads/bayonet-id-european.1248417/#post-11325529

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