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EK's from my grandfather / photos / KO?


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This is my first post ...so it will be short....last long one did not work for some reason. I inherited my grand fathers WW1 medals. He was Kurt Draber and fought with the 11th Army early in the war on the Eastern front. I have his iron crosses

first and second class, honor cross, wound badge, lapel pin and brass badge with 11th army.  On the back near the pin clip there is a stamp KO . I cannot find a Konigliches munzamt Orden in Berlin 1914 time period? Seems to me the iron part is likely fabricated in one shop and the silver work done in another.  Photos of my iron crosses before and after I cleaned them....they will not be for sale.  I know the patina is desirable, if selling, but I like the look as they were intended

1) what does stamp KO mean 2) when did they start painting the iron black (earlier versions were another process)  3) could the KO be for the silver smith? 4) Was the iron for this year forged or stamped out.

I rally liked the summary Fritz did on these EK'S  with photo's !

I speak German if needed . thanks, Henry

Kurt Draber Medals.jpg

first class before cleaning.PNG

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As mentioned in my topics, this is said to be Klein & Quentzer, Idar-Oberstein.  Apart from 11. Armee, do you know which regiment he served with or his rank? The brass badge was issued by Austria, there are many other types of these commemorative badges, they were also made in Zink (kriegsbedingt)-
Personally, I would not have cleaned these, as they will only darken again, as silver does, repeated cleaning will only wear down the details.

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Thanks again for reply.  I do not have any idea about which regiment.  I did not mechanically polish them, just dipped in a fluid metal tarnish remover......but still I agree, no more. I do recall my grand mother telling me he fought Russians. She said he carried messages , a dangerous business.

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