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Saxony Carola-Medaille Group

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 I want to share this unusual and pretty rare medal group that features the Carola Medal in both Gold and Silver. The Carola-Medaille was instituted on 17 Sep 1892 by King Albert on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Albert club, whose patron was Queen Carola. The Medal was awarded for charity during the war and in the peacetime. Awarded in three classes: gold, silver and bronze. Totals awarded - first type: 46 gold, 1000 silver and 1000 bronze; second type: 6 gold, 300 silver and 860 bronze. The difference between the first and second types is 0.05mm. Unfortunately my screw gauge isn't accurate enough so I can't determine which type my medals are. Anyway the numbers suggest that this group was awarded to one of 52 individuals. I'm already in touch with the Saxony archives so I will try to find out if a list of Carola-Medaille recipients still exists. I may be able to deduce who this bar belonged to. 
The other medals are: Saxony War Merit Cross, Saxony Civil Merit Medal - Knight’s Cross 1st class, Carola Medal in gold, Carola Medal in silver and Prussian Red Cross medal 2nd class
The group is mounted in the pre 1918 Saxony style with the ribbons folded in a triangular shape attached to a straight bar.




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Both were silver, the gold version silver gilded. An extremly nice set.

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