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I'm patiently going through many books now in my collection. Some Old, some signed. Some have wonderful hand paintings and sketches. Until I learn to better read German, most will just be packed away. I'm going to post photos and will add more as I go. Please comment if one stands out as significant or feel free to just discuss if you see something interesting! 















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These are all wonderful books with important historical content, no comparison to history books today, unfortunately the condition is not the best in some examples, nevertheless, these books are quite valuable today, however, it is rather difficult to sell books at the moment, as the demand is not the same as a few years back, not the fault of the books.
The small volume "Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkriegs 1914/15 is quite well known and quite a few were printed for the general public, they were well texted and well illustrated, I think there was a series of several volumes.
The open page with the uniform illustrations can be well in demand, as they are nicely done and absolutely informative, and can bring high prices.
Best to check places like "books on demand" and ZVAB = Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer Bücher - another address is Antiquariat Ehbrecht in Celle, all on internet, Ehbrecht has some very high prices and even buys complete libraries, noted a couple of years back, they purchased nearly all the books from a leading Hamburg militaria business, which decided to give up their book section, which was rather a shame.

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Could you perhaps post a few more illustrations from this book?  These works were very instructive and informative, reprints were available about 30 years ago, since gone. This plate shows all the uniform details of all the regiments and units of the VI. Army Corps, 1900.



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