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Helmet stemware and Cup Identification


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If anyone can help Identify these I'd greatly appreciate it. The helmets are stamped on the base and the cup as well. The inscription on the cup is multiple photos due to curvature. The stemware may not be related to the cup.










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Die Artisten i. Lehrmeister
v. Bieberstein, v. Finckh, v. Trauwitz
Kurt & Hermann Walter-Weißbeck
v. Hantelmann, v. Kaufmann.

A Kelch, trophy, cup in silver, silver mark slightly erased, would be at least 800, 850 or so.
The death's head looks like Infantry Regiment 17 or Kavallerie-Regiment 13, later also part of Kavallerie-Regiment 18, period 1934 to 1939 - the death's head is of the Brunswick / Braunschweig significance in this style - or later.
On the other hand the cup may be pre-1914, which would include Braunschweigisches Husaren-Regiment 17 or Braunschweigisches Infanterie-Regiment 92, which were the only regiments with this skull association.

All famous names, possibly officers in these regiments, the cup was a presentation of some sort for some reason, significance is not appartent, but possibly they were dedicated to an instructor leading a course, not named, from those listed below.

The helmet stemware may have been made for an Offizers Kasino. Maker's stamp looks interesting, certainly researchable, I don't know this one. They are marked M / U / Q, the mark looks like a pewter mark, can't say what the metal is, looks plated, is probably Argentan or silver plate of some sort, as no silver marks.

Following names I have just found in the officer's list of Braunschweigisches Husaren-Regiment 17, 1914:

v. Finck, v. Hantelmann, Walther-Weißbeck, v. Trauwitz-Hellwig - the cup may be a few years earler, first three persons have the rank of Rittmeister and latter is Oberleutnant.

Definitely Braunschweigisches Husaren-Regiment 14,  a few years before 1914, you would need to have the year with all the names included, I only have the 1914 and the 1897 books.

The cups with the long Stiel have the Model 1935 helmet of the Wehrmacht, so they are of that period, there may still be a personal association.

Reference: Rangliste der Königlich Preußischen Armee 1914 and previous years




Familie von Trauwitz-Hellwig, 1908


Major Ewald v. Trauwitz-Hellwig, Husaren-Regiment 15 (Wandsbek)


Alfred v. Trauwitz-Hellwig, Husaren-Regiment 15 (Wandsbek)

Photos courtesy of H. Koelewijn


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Fritz, this is great! I've found some information on the Helmets. Came across a receipt from purchase, 1976 acquired from Mohawk Arms in NY. The invoice was damaged at some point and can't read the description. They were not cheap! I know they are of some importance. Markers mark is Metallwarenfabrik Union -Quedlinburg.

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That sounds convincing, good to be a step further.

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