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Haie und Kleine Fische - Naval Warfare Film, 1957


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A very good film (1957) with some prominent actors and actresses of the day:
Wolfgang Preiss
Hans-Jörg Felmy
Siegfried Löwitz
Sabine Bethmann
Wolfgang Wahl, etc.
The film has been overdubbed with Russian spoken text, so the original background text is hard to follow, however, still a very good, realistic film. The central figures serve with a small minesweeper or destroyer, but later served with the U-Boots. As usual, not a happy end to the film, mainly demonstrating the senselessness of war to the viewer. Could not post directly, the link:



Filmplakat: Haie und kleine Fische (1957) - Plakat 2 von 2 ...

Filmplakat: Haie und kleine Fische (1957) - Plakat 1 von 2 ...

Haie und kleine Fische: DVD oder Blu-ray leihen - VIDEOBUSTER.de

Grün ist die Heide: Haie und kleine Fische (1957) Frank Wisbar

Hansjörg Felmy - Über diesen Star | cinema.de

Haie und kleine Fische (1957) - Film | cinema.de

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