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WW2 US Tank Periscope


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Here is a tank periscope that was used on M4 Sherman and M3/M5 Stuart Light tanks during WW2. These are still easy to find and not very expensive. There were 12, M6 periscopes in each late model Sherman. Six mounted in in various places, one in the driver’s hatch that rotated, and a fixed one in front of him. The co-driver had the same layout, just on the other side, he used the hatch or fixed periscope to aim the bow machine gun. The loader had had a rotating periscope at their station, and the commander had one in his hatch. There were two complete M6 periscopes in brackets on the turret walls, one near the loader, and the other by the commander

This periscope was mounted by inserting the unit into a bracket and hooked onto a lip (the 'hook' is visible in the photos).  The knurled center knob was then tightened to secure it in place.  If either of the two glass lenses were shattered during a firefight, the lense could be quickly removed and replaced by turning the flipped-knobs on each side of the periscope nearest the damaged lens, which would release the lens for replacement. 




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Here is a spare glass lens, which could be quickly changed out if need be, this one is still in its box. 




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