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Kaiserliche Marine - Officer's Dagger


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A fine, older example of an officer's dagger of the Kaiserliche Marine. The longer version around 1900. The grip is of pure ivory with it's original silver wire binding, some hairline cracks due to age. Some traces of the original gilding in places. The blade is etched and has only some slight staining in places, the orginal red felt washer still in place. Blade is by WKC, with the knight's helmet logo. The scabbard is engraved with maritime motives. On the pommel is the Imperial Crown as in use since 1871. Unfortunately no knot or hangers. The dagger was worn for everyday wear instead of the officer's sabre, which was reserved for special occasions and full dress.

This item was purchased around 1968 in an old junk shop in London for about 8 pounds. It was offered as an Old English Naval Dagger - our price: 8 pounds! I knew the dealer quite well, he called himself "Simple Simon", trading under that name, and he often used to get war souvenirs and medals, etc., but was not too knowledgeable.

More pictures to follow in due course.





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