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Dragoner-Regiment 4 & 8


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An early peaked cap for officers of Dragoner-Regiment 4 or 8, purchased many years ago in Berlin. Cap is not in the best condition, band has been crushed at some stage, inside is an erased stamp of a theatre costume company, shows some abuse in this role. Early small leather peak has been re-attached at some stage, Reichskokarde is probably a later replacement, should be flatter.
Interesting to note, the inside of the peak has a red finish.

Dragoner-Regiment von Bredow (1. Schlesisches) Nr. 4*
based in Lüben
Dragoner-Regiment König Friedrich III. (2. Schlesisches) Nr.8
based in Kreuzburg, Bernstadt and Namslau

The following Regiments also wore these colours:
2. Hannoversches Dragoner-Regiment 16,
with additional white piping above the band
Württembergisches Dragoner-Regiment 26,
with the Württemberg cockade

*Lothar von Richthofen joined this regiment in 1914 as a war volunteer





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Reserve Dragoner-Regiment 4

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