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Old Ribbons of unknown provenance


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I have recently cleared out my late Mothers house and have found this selection of ribbons.  They were obtained by her father, the late Major James DW Harris and sent to his wife, Mabel who at the time was working for the YWCA in Northern Ireland.  The ones with the German and French ribbons appear to be home made, but I seek advice or guidance about them all.  I assume they were sent to Mabel during WW2 as Major James wrote 'on active service' on his envelope to her.  Any insights into this little collection would be much appreciated.  The three 'bottle green' eagle / swastika ones are all attached together (unused??).  I literally know nothing about any of the insignia so would love to learn more if possible.  I didn't know they existed until a couple of weeks ago...  TIA Kiwifi :)


explanation, see texts further down


explanation, see texts further down


Presumably hand made cockades in the Allied colours, Belgium, England, France, probably made in the last days of the war, either for resistance or for "liberation celebrations" at the end of the war.

IMG_0775 - Copy.JPG

Kriegsmarine - German Navy, 2 roundels or cockades worn as one below the eagle on the sidecap (so-called overseas cap)

IMG_0776 - Copy.JPG

Kriegsmarine arm patch (left arm), indicating rank of Maat/Mate (n.c.o.rank) and administration branch, has been removed from a unform


top large eagle is a Naval breast eagle (worn on right side) of dark blue naval blouse, below, Naval overseas cap eagle for the fieldgrey land uniform


large eagle for naval tunic-blouse
3 naval overseas cap eagles:
dark blue for regular navy blue overseas cap (worn above cockade),
yellow on dark green for the overseas cap in fieldgrey
later yellow on fieldgrey for overseas cap in fieldgrey

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Here are some examples of how the insignia was worn:


Field grey overseas cap for naval land uniform, early type till around 1940/41 - early insignia with darkgreen backing.


Insignia on the dark blue naval overseas cap


A uniform photo of a German sailor shows the breasteagle on the tunic-blouse, as well as several awards for war service

I would recommend leaving all items unaltered and not cut - avoid contact with dirt and dust! You have a small fortune on your hands!

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Excellent.  Thank you very much.  Major Jim was an army man, so I am quite intrigued as to how he accumulated his small collection of naval insignia.


Do any of the patches shown have any value?  Are they of interest to collectors / museums??

TIA Kiwifi


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There were military and naval depots in the region of the French coast, also Paris, Brussels, all ports and main cities in occupied Europe and elsewhere. I even saw these badges in the port of Athens and on Crete about 30 years ago. After these regions fell, they were plundered.

Collectors and Museums would certainly be interested.

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