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Personal Documents, 3rd Reich

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An Arbeitsbuch for a glazer in Wien in almost mint condition, has hardly been filled out, as the person was self-employed.

Edmund Hávássy, born in Wien, 11. May 1902, had two children. The name is clearly of Hungarian origin. He made his apprenticeship as a glazer from 1916 till 1919, passing his exam on 18.6.1919. His driving licence, Führerschein Kl. 4,4 is entered in the book. The book was issued on 17.10.1940 by the Arbeitsamt Wien-386

A membership book for the DAF - Deutsche Arbeitsfront for Leo Groß, born 1924 in Niemegk (Brandenburg), issued by the D.A.F. Gauverwaltung der Mark Brandenburg on 1.4.1940. He is entered as "kaufmännischer Lehrling", an apprentice for commerce, anything ranging from salesman to office-clerk. Stamps entered from April 1940 till 16.12.1941, thereafter probably called up for military service.













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Two examples of a (Reichs-) Kennkarte, an identity paper for every civilian person.

The first example is for Frau Sofie Gottschlag, geb. Maier, born in Heilbronn/Württemberg, issued at Kiel, 10.8.1943, valid till August 1948. The document has personal details such as profession (none), peculiarities/remarks  (none), signed and stamped, and with the fingerprints of the bearer. The swastika on the cover had been postwar inked over, this now partially removed. Stamped photo of bearer

Further example for Herrn Gustav Geiswig Fraenkel, born 1.April 1877 in Elberfeld (now part of Wuppertal), as a profession, Maschinenschlosser, issued at Wuppertal, 18.6.1940, valid till June 1945. With stamped photo of bearer.

A fee of 1 RM was due in each case, this is receipted by a franked fee stamp by the Police Authority  inside the document.





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Two examples of passports of the Weimar period, 1929
Passport for Herrn Helmut Andrä, born in Zeulenroda, Saxony, 19.9.1906, nationality: Sachsen, profession: Handlungsgehilfe (employee), living in Lübeck, issued by the Police Authority in Lübeck, 12.8.1929, valid 5 years. No particular entries, visas or travel.

Passport for Fräulein Ruth van Hees, born in Remagen, 6.7.1907, nationality: Preußen, profession: schoolgirl. Issued by the Polizei Verwaltung Remagen, 23.7.1929.  Valid 5 years, no particular entries, visas or travel.







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Wehrmacht-Führerschein (Driving Licence)


Walter Dening, born, Nienburg/Weser, 12. June 1914

Truppenteil / unit has been erased, cut out!

permitted to drive vehicles of classes II (Motorbike etc.) and III (vehicles up to 7,5 Tonne)

issued Hamburg, 10.Oct.1940 by Luftgaukommando XI

List 1940, 11389

Valid only for the service period with the Wehrmacht, on leaving to be handed back.

Printed on grey waxed linnen. Post war driving licences of this sort were issued till the early 1980s, the latter years in strong paper rather than linnen, after which came a new type, smaller, and later, the new "EU-Führerschein", a small plastic card with photo.



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