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Soldiers Who Served in 9th Bn North'd Fusiliers

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Pte Peter Allen 12994 Born in 1883 in Alnwick and lived in Cowpen Quay Blyth occupation coal miner.

Cowpen was one of five "Townships" that comprised the Ancient Parish of Horton, the communities within Cowpen Township

were Cowpen Village, Cowpen Quay, Waterloo, Crofton, and Bebside Colliery, situated across the river opposite Blyth Town.

He was seriously wounded in or near the area of Hooge during the battles of the Ypres Salient in 1915, he died of his wounds

whilst treated at the 4th Northern General Hospital in Lincoln on the night of 5th Nov 1915, he was 34 years of age. He left a wife

Roseann and 4 children, his body was brought home and laid to rest on the 8th Nov 1915 at Cowpen Road Cemetery Blyth.

Peter is remembered on the Blyth war Memorial in Ridley Park Blyth.

on inquiring at the Cemetery Registration Office I found that his grave was unpaid for and that two other people are laid to rest with

him in the same plot No 31, a John Allen age 69 thought to be his father and a women of different surname thought to be his wife

who later remarried, but this is only speculation the records showed no headstone on his grave but I found one when I looked later.


Here are some photo'spost-3823-0-99887500-1436439901_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-22697300-1436439923_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-25451800-1436439949_thumb.jpg



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Pte Frederic Stamp Watson 12257 of 5th platoon B.Coy, a Pals Company of 250 men known as the "Quaysider's" and

raised by the Newcastle and Gateshead Chamber of Commerce on the 7th Sept 1914 from its membership, many of

whom came from Companies based along the Tyne River. Raised as part of the 16th Commercial Battalion and often

referred to as the " Quaysider's ". But enough men were recruited for three Battalions they were the 16th,18th. and 19th

Service Battalions of the Northumberland Fusiliers.

The War Office response to this offer was very lacklustre and several weeks went by with no reply, the Quaysider's who

were impatient to be getting on with things agreed to accept enlistment in the 9th Service Battalion who after a clear out

of men who did not make the grade were a Company short, and the pals left Newcastle bound for the training depot in

Wareham Dorset to join up with the 9th Battalion. ( many of the Pals Company lost their lives on the Somme Battlefield.


Pte Watson was killed at the battle of Mametz Wood on 5th July 1916 aged 25 years old he is buried at Norfolk Cemetery

Becordel-Becourt a vllage 2-5 kilometres East of Albert, on the ( Albert - Peronne ) road.

The Cemetery was begun by the 1st Norfolks Battalion in August 1915, and used by other units ( including the 8th Norfolks)

After the Armistice it was nearly doubled in size when bodies were moved from the battlefield graves near by and reburied

at the Cemetery.


The Cemetery contains 549 WW1 burials, 224 being unidentified.


The Renwick Memorial or the Response at Barras Bridge Newcastle is in memory to the 16th.18th.19th and B Company of

the 9th Battalion the ( Quaysider's ) Northumberland Fusiliers.post-3823-0-03829600-1442343135_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-85834900-1442343154_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-55942400-1442343176_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-59779600-1442343221_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-23685200-1442343239_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-92256400-1442343256_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-00205200-1442343276_thumb.jpg

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Pte Harry Shackleton 61804, joined the Northumberland Fusiliers in Newcastle in 1916, he was Attached to the 9th Service Battalion but did not

arrive in France till 1917. The Battalion was part of the 103rd Brigade of the 34th Division, Pte Shackleton was to see action in the Third Battles of

Ypres during 1917. On September 25th the 9th Battalion absorbed the 21st Northumberland Hussars into their ranks and became known as the 9th

Northumberland Hussars Battalion.

During 1918 the Battalion was involved in defensive actions in the first Battles of the Somme 1918 German Offensive, all the enemy's attacks were

successfully repulsed, earning special mention in F M. Lord Haig's official despatches for it's gallant defence.

The Battalion then joined 183rd Brigade of 61st ( 2nd South Midlands ) Division on the La Bassee  canal  near Bethune were the Germans launched

the Second Phase of their Offensive. After suffering heavy losses during the battles they were withdrawn  from fighting and moved to the area west

of Poperinge were it was reorganised while put to work digging a new defensive line.

The Battalion later took part in the final advance in Picardy.

Pte Shackleton survived the Great War Battles of 1917 and 1918 and was a member of the British Army Occupation Force in Germany.

Medals image from other sources.




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Extra info and images added 26.06.19.

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