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this will be the last ppss etc,

I have located 1 more postcard that has something to do with that raid,

on the 7-5-1915

I had seen examples of this card that had been sold on various auction sites,

over a period of a few years,

but like the scarlet pimpernel of old,

never found one for sale till now that is !

this one shows the bomb crater and associated damage

on one half of the card,

and on the other it shows members of the Kent constabulary ,

holding pieces of the bombs dropped that day,,

one thing that is interesting is that,

one man possibly the owner ?

appears in all the images bar the stockroom one,


after more hard searching and a lot of luck,

i have acquired the last one in the set of 3 post cards

the ones that shows someone , standing on the edge,

of a bomb crater ,at the rear of the shop,

number 6 albion hill ramsgate kent,

i have included an image of all 3 cards,

and the cards as separate ones,,

i thought i was lucky finding the stock room one,

never mind the bomb crater,

one to make up the set.


This is a PPS , about the zeppelin raid/ postcards ,

and in particular the damage to the imperial Bazaar ,

no 6 Albion hill Ramsgate Kent,

I've finally after many moons of searching,

found the 2nd postcard,

about the raid on Ramsgate on the 7-5-1915

this one shows the damage to the Stockroom,

of the imperial Bazaar,

and is rarely seen on the market .

This is a P.S about

The post I did earlier about the raid on Ramsgate Kent,

of Monday 17th of may 1915,
the Mr France mentioned in the original report ,...
of the 15th of may 1915,
was a Mr Frederic France born in 1847
in Kennington surrey
and was a lodger at the imperial bazaar no 6 Albion hill Ramsgate
he was listed as a brokers man
A broker is an individual or party (brokerage firm) that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed. A broker who also acts as a seller or as a buyer becomes a principal party to the deal. Distinguish agent—one who acts on behalf of a principal,
apparently he died in Thanet in 1927
the 2 items either side of the postcard , which is postmarked
23rd of July 1915
and sent to Argentina , were both sold from that shop after another raid ,
on the 17th of June 1917,
its quite rare to be able to tie things / objects together so well.


i have also found out that the full name of the bazaar is,
Lilly's Imperial Bazaar & Servants Free Registry Office No 6
Albion hill
it looks like the owner may have been ,
Lilly. Agnes
apartments 22 Albion Hill
Ramsgate Kent
so I have found out about a lodger ,
and possibly the owner of the shop that the china came from






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