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List of ( wehrmacht ) Mountain Divisions


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Wehrmacht Mountain Divisions.


1st Mountain Diiv...........( Later became 1st Volksgebirgs Div.

2nd Mountain Div.

3rd Mountain Div.

4th Mountain Div.

5th Mountain Div.

6th Mountain Div.

7th Mountain Div............( Previously the 99th Light Infantry Div ).

8th Mountain Div............( Previously the 157th Reserve Div,-the 157th Mountain Div,- and Div Nr 157 ).

9th Mountain Div............( Previously the Shadow Div Steiermark,- and Div Zbv 140 ).

188th Mountain Div........( previously the 188th Reserve Mountain Div,- and Div Nr 188 ).


Ski Division.


1st Ski Div.


Will List Regiments/Units of each Div shortly.

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2nd Mountain Division.


Was raised in 1938 from the former Austrian 6th Mountain Division and German Mountain troops.


It consisted of the following.


136th Mountain Infantry Regiment.

137th Mountain Infantry Regiment.

140th Mountain Infantry Regiment.

111th Mountain Artillery Regiment.

47th Panzerabwehr ( Anti-Tank ) Batalion.

11th Reconnaissance Batalion.

82nd Pionier Batalion.

67th News Dept.

67th Tragtier ( Pack-Animal ) Kompanie.

67th Supply Troops & Service Units.



Here are a few pictures of the 136th Regiment.post-3823-0-61810600-1360696521_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-98409300-1360696550_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-11631600-1360696579_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-58235200-1360696614_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-22691500-1360696642_thumb.jpg

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3rd Mountain Division.


Was raised from the Austrian Armys 5th and 7th Divisions following the Anschluss in 1938.


It consisted of the following.


138th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

139th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

112th Mountain Artillery Regiment.

48th Panzerabwehr ( Anti-Tank ) Batalion.

12th Reconnaissance Batalion.

83rd Pionier Batalion.

68th Mountaineer Field Replacement Batalion.

68th Radfahr ( Bicycling ) Abteilung.

68th News Dept.

68th Supply Troops & Service Units.

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4th Mountain Division. ( ENZIAN ).


Was established in October 1940. It took part in the 1941 Balkans Campaign and then joined Army Group South.

in Operation Barbarossa.


It consisted of the following.


13th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

91st Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

94th Mountain Artillery Regiment.

94th Panzerjager ( Tank Destroyer ) Kompanie.

94th Pionier Batalion.

94th Reconnaissance Batalion.

94th News Dept.

94th Gebirgsjager Infantry Batalion.

94th Divisional Units. ( Supply, Service, Medical Ect. )

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5th Mountain Division.


Was established in the Austrian Tirol in October 1940, out of regiments taken from the 1st mountain division

and the 10th Infantry Division. It's first action was in the Balkans Campaign, when it took part in Operation

Marita and Merkur, in the latter it was used in an air-landing role.


85th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

100th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

95th Panzerjager ( Tank Destroyer ) Batalion.

95th Reconnaissance Batalion.

73rd Light Flak-Battery ( Luftwaffe ).

95th Mountain Artillery Regiment.

x 4 Batalions.

95th Pionier Batalion.

95th Mountaineer Field Replacement Batalion.

95th News Dept.

95th Supply Troops.

95th Sanitats Dept ( Medical ).



Heres a few pictures of 5th Mountain Division.post-3823-0-31649700-1360770223_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-72903000-1360770246_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-72903000-1360770246_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-89670500-1360770286_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-73565000-1360770308_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-73565000-1360770308_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-31649700-1360770223_thumb.jpg

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6th Mountain Division.


Was established in June 1940, and was deployed to France for occupation duties. In December it was

relocated to Poland, were it remained until the spring of 1941.It then took part in Operation Marita the

invasion of Greece during the Balkans Campaign along with 5th Mountain Division.


The pictures posted under 5th Mountain Division could also include troops from the 6th as well.


consisted of the following.


141st Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

143rd Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

118th Mountain Artillery Regiment.

112th Reconnaissance Batalion.

47th Panzerjager ( Tank Destroyer ) Batalion.

91st Pionier Batalion.

91st Signals Batalion.

91st Divisional Support Units.

Added in January 1941.

85th Light Flak-Battery ( Luftwaffe ).

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7th Mountain Division.


Was formed through the redesignation of the 99th Light Infantry Division in October 1941. In 1942 it was sent

to Finland until the Finnish withdrawal from the war. The Division retreated into Norway were it remained until

the end of the war.


It consisted of the following.


206th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

3 x Batalions

and Mountain Panzerjager Kompanie ( MOT ).

218th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

3 x Batalions.

and Mountain Panzerjager Kompanie ( MOT ).

99th Panzerjager ( Tank Destroyer ) Batalion.

79th Mountain Atillery Regiment.

4 x Batalions.

99th Reconnaissance Batalion.

99th Pioneer Batalion.

99th Signals Batalion.

99th Field Replacement Batalion ( later redesignated as 82nd Ski Batalion ).

99th Supply and Service Troops.

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8th Mountain Division.


Was formed from the redesignation of the 157th Mountain Division which itself had been formed from the

157th Infantry Division in September 1944. The Division was stationed in France until the Italian surrender

it was moved to Italy were it remained till the end of the war.


It consisted of the following.


296th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

297th Gebirgsjager Infantry Regiment.

1057th Mountain Artillery Regiment.

1057th Panzerjager ( Tank Destroyer ) Batalion.

1057th Reconnaissance Batalion.

1057th Field Replacement Batalion.

1057th Pioneer Batalion.

1057th Signals Batalion.

1057th Supply and Service Troops.

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9th Mountain Division.


9th ( North ) Mountain Division from Krautler Gruppe Division designated as ( Division zbv 140 ).


9th ( East ) Mountain Division from Kampf Gruppe Semmering ( Shadow Division Steirmark ).


Two simultaneous but independent attempts were made to raise the division in the waning days of the war,

the resulting units are conventionally distinguished as Nord (North) and Ost (East) after the respective theaters

were they were being assembled. For all practical purposes the 9th Mountain Division never fully came into being.


The North Div was formed on 4.12.45 as the K. Mountain Div of the Army detachment Narvik.


The East Div ( Raithel KampfGruppe) controlled two RAD Brigades and these were mobilized for combat duty

as an "Alarm" Division, the Divisions two Regiments were composed of a very diverse mix of personnel from

Mountain Jager NCO School.

Dachsten Mountain Artillery School.

SS Mountain Jager Ersatz Batalion Loeben.

and detachments from the Bolcke Battle Squadron.

The Formation of the 9th Mountain Division from the Raithel KampfGruppe occurred on 25.4,45. when it was

joined by Steirmark Division which consisted of

the Steirmark Jager Brigade ( two Regiments each with two Batalions a Artillery Batalion and Pioneer Batalion.

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9th Mountain Division ( North ).


Was made up from the following troops.


140th Divisional Staff Adjutant.

139th Gebirgsjager Regiment (temporarily out as Gebirgsjager Brigade 139).

3rd and 6th Hunter Batalions.

653th Fortress Batalion.

931st Artillery Staff Adjutant Regiment.(with).

124th Mountain Artillery Abteilung.

424th Easy-gun Artillery Abteilung.

82nd II./ Mountain Artillery Abteilung.

140th Pioneer Batalion.

140th News Dept.

140th Supply Troops.

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188th Mountain Division.


Was formed from German Division Nr 188 and redesignated as 188th Reserve Division on 8th October 1943

and reorganized with Reserve Mountain Regiments 136, 137, 138, 139, each with two Batalions and Reserve

Artillery Regiment 112 also with two Batalions, it served in northern Italy. It was later sent to Istria and served

on anti-partisan duties, on 29th February 1944 it was redesignated again as the 188th Mountain Division and

it's Regiments given new numbers, it surrendered in Istria in 1945.


It consisted of the following.


901, 902, 903, 904. Gebirgsjager Regiments.

1088 Mountain Artillery Regiment.

1088 Pioneer Batalion.

1088 News Dept.

1088 Divisional Supply and Service Units.

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1st Ski Division.


Was formed by expanding 1st Skijager Brigade on 2 June 1944 which had been initially formed in September

1943, the Division was formed around existing units and was strengthened with new recruits, Elements of the

19th Panzerjager Brigade.

the 65th Heavy Artillery Regiment.

the 152nd Panzerjager Batalion.

the 18th Werfer (Rocket) Batalion.

the 615th Flak (Anti-Aircraft) Batalion. were used to expand the Brigade into a Division The Division fought

exclusively on the Eastern Front as part of Army Group Centre.


It consisted of the following.


1st Skijager Regiment.

2nd Skijager Regiment.

Swiss Ski Batalion.

Sister Skijager Batalion 1.

1st Ski Fusilier Batalion.

152nd Artillery Regiment.

59th Artillery Regiment II/dept.

65th Artillery Regiment II/dept.

270th Assault Gun Division.

152nd Panzerjager Batalion.

85th Pioneer Batalion.

152nd Ski Signals Batalion.

152nd Ski Field Replacement Batalion.

152nd News Dept.

152nd Divisional Supply Troops.



( The 1st Heavy Ski Batalion was probably one of the heaviest Batalions in the Wehrmacht with ).

one company of 12 motorized heavy anti-tank guns + 12 machine guns.

one company of self-propelled 150 mm howitzers + 7 machine guns.

one company of self-propelled 37 mm flak guns.

4th Armored company with 22 captured Russian T-34 tanks ( most likely armed with the 76.2 mm gun

and three 76.2 mm machine guns ).



Picture Of 1st Skijager Brigade in Russia 1944.post-3823-0-61314700-1361035039_thumb.jpg

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Mountain Divisional Emblems.


( 1 ) 1st Div.

( 2 ) 2nd Div.

( 3 ) 3rd Div

( 4 ) 4th Div.

( 5 ) 5th Div.

( 6 ) 6th Div.

( 7 ) 7th Div.

( 8 ) 8th Div.

( 9 ) 157th Div

( 10 ) 188th Div.


None found as yet for 9th Div.post-3823-0-09604500-1361114733_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-11744000-1361114759_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-92575500-1361114798_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-02166600-1361114835_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-50611500-1361114862_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-99536700-1361114890_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-14781800-1361114926.jpgpost-3823-0-85649600-1361114958_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-84448400-1361114994_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-97423100-1361115033_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-84448400-1361114994_thumb.png

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Very impressive. Gebirgsjäger etc. is an interesting branch.

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z.b.V. = zur besonderen Verwendung

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