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M1913 Warner & Swasey Rifle Scope

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Here is the main sniper scope used by US forces during WW1. The official name was: The Model of 1913 Warner & Swasey Musket sight. It is an improvement on the M1908 scope, but looked almost identical in design and operation. Over 5700 were ordered and 4200 were delivered before the war ended, however it is estimated that only 1530 were actually mounted to M1903 rifles during the war. Since the US got into the war towards the climax, it had a lot less snipers than other nations. There were some issues with the scope, such as when mounted it was on the left side of the rifle and offset, and the black enamel paint would flake off in the interior and get stuck to the lens inside. And the mounting bracket would sometimes come loose, which resulted in field modifications to make it tight. The power of the scope was 5.2x. The leather carrying case was made by Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) and the Diamond D company. Canadians also used this scope, 500 were used for the .303 Ross rifle and used them on P14 rifles into WW2. 




Mounting bracket that was screwed onto the M1903 rifle. The scope would slide onto this bracket and lock into place.









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Image of a US soldier displaying his M1903 with the Warner Swasey scope. Images of these scope on rifles in WW1 are rare. Note the camo pattern on the rifle and scope.


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