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Russian Hexagonal Grenade

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Another WW1 era grenade, a Russian hexagonal type stick grenade. Thought to be also created by Colonel Stender, this grenade has a sheet metal casing for the explosive, inside the head and on the lid were small square pieces of metal to act as shrapnel when the grenade was exploded. The fuse was located in the handle, a string with a wooden toggle was secured inside a cap (missing from this example). This was a dug model and has been repainted, the handle is a replacement. The notches in the handle towards the end were to hold the cap in place. There are two types of this grenade, the one pictured below and another similar type with a much narrower head, about half the size of the one pictured. Sometimes these grenades have the fuse in the head of the grenade rather then in the handle, this can be identified by a hole in the detachable lid on top of the grenade. 





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