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Old Feuerwehr Helmet

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Was given this old Feuerwehr helmet and this military style belt just now. Latter is most likely postwar as it is rivetted and not stitched, it also has a two-prong buckle made of better quality white metal or Neusilber, more likely post war, the two sliding loops are missing.
Items from two diffent wearers.
I was given these by Nancy Riedel from the old Photostudio, who told me, the helmet was from her uncle Schlichting in Wanna (Niedersachsen). The helmet is probably post WW1 and pre-1935, could be even older, and most likely worn by the Freiwillige Feuerwehr in the area of Wanna - asumedly as there is no cockade, and the badge does not have any particularities, just general firebrigade symbols of helmet, axes and water hose, there is also no Prussian cockade, which would otherwise be state firebrigade, so therefore most likely volunteer brigade, of which there were many. The emblem has lost one of it's fixing posts and is loose.  Light tan leather liner intact.  The helmet has the same construction as a Pickelhaube, just different mountings and a different strap, the lining is also standard for a Pickelhaube. Very dirty, dusty, cobwebs, the leather form dry and slightly deformed, fittings oxidised, and badge is loose, one of two fixing posts is missing. Has suffered from years of bad storage.





Right hand rosette is very much oxidised with verdigris, cleaning could prove difficult.



Belt of post-war vintage, as often worn by Police, Bundesgrenzschutz, Fireservice or civil defences, etc. tan leather, outside blackened.

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