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Here is my Deactivated MG-34, it is built on a aluminum receiver, plugged up, all the usual stuff. Marked dot 1944. Cant have all the accessories without the gun...The Mg-34 comes with the spider AA sight, bipod and nice bakelite butt stock. It is a typical dummy gun, loaded with mismatched parts, but displays well. Also I do have two of the double 50 count drum ammo cans "Gurttrommel" and "Gurttrommeltrager" for the carriers. The first one pictured has all original paint, the second one had the drums coated in the post war green color. I had them stripped and repainted, they look nice now. 























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Super condition, "arsenalgepflegt", they would say. A very late production for an MG34, by then, the MG42, an enormous improvement, was well under production.
Do you have one of these as well?   Most of these nowadays are either from postwar Yugo-production or Yugo-reused and re-stamped.

The new laws in Europe have now banned de-activated weapons, only a few small parts may now be collected. The so-called vital parts are now prohibited, and may no longer be sold or traded.



Example, prohibited are now:
Lauf mit Schlitten, Schlagbolzen,
Rahmen, etc. the smaller parts may still be held.

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Yes I have a MG42 and another MG34 as well, all deactivated of course. Here is the US, depending on the state in which you live, you can purchase fully functional machine guns, but you have to do a lot of paperwork, apply for licenses, etc. Very expensive and time consuming. That is why I stick to the deactivated types, lot less hassle. I was unaware the laws in Europe had gotten so strict concerning deactivated weapons. 

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quite understandable. I have heard that these CAN be owned in the US, some people even fire them, see youtube. Here it would be almost impossible, you would need a Genehmigung from Landesinnenministerium! You would need a damn good reason for wanting one, and would have to prove that you have secure keepings!

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Deactivated MG-34s are plentiful right now, but the MG-42's and post war versions are quite hard to find. 

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