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Cap badge

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I Picked this up last week,  As can be seen it's a Royal Scots  fusilier cap badge, albeit a worn example, i like the age patina it has.. My great grandfather  ( Thomas Grier) was is the  regiment, but  unfortunately he was killed on the 28 March 1918 .




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Hi Buster, That's a very fitting tribute for your Great Grandfather and the ultimate sacrifice he made.

My Great Uncle was in the Royal Scots Fusiliers too although he was in the 12th Battalion they may have known each other. Here are some new pictures I have found of him.  


Thomas Caldwell's medals on display at the Royal Highlanders Museum, Glasgow, Scotland.

(Picture - Thomas Stewart)

tomnew mem.jpg

Carluke has the distinction of being home to three gallant recipients of the Victoria Cross - William Angus; Thomas Caldwell; and Donald Cameron. Among its other sons of note is Major General William Roy, the father of Ordnance Survey, born in Carluke in 1726 to whom a monument in the form of a “Trig” point stands in Miltonhead Road close to his place of birth.


Studio portrait postcard


Caldwell VC (left) with William Angus VC and Donald Cameron VC




This photo, taken in 1919, shows William Angus VC with Sgt Thomas Caldwell VC, the second son of Carluke to be awarded a VC

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