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Austro-Hungarian commemorative?

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I recently purchased a group of Austro-Hungarian medals from the estate of an Ohio soldier who served  in the 322nd inf in Italy. all the pieces are identified except this one. I see Karl Joseph and I believe the Kaiser behind him and a mountain battle scene on the back-no ribbon. I am unable to find a date or any writing at all. Any help would be appreciated.



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This is an (unofficial) commemorate medal for the 1914 Alliance between Austro-Hungarian Empire (k.u.k.) and the German Empire. The nearer portrait is of Kaiser Franz Joseph I., Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Duke of Bohemia and Moravia, etc., born 1830, reigned 1848-1916. He was succeeded by his nephew, Karl I., who was deposed and abdicated in November 1918. Died on Island of Madeira, 1. April 1922.

The other portrait is of course of Kaiser Wilhelm II., 1859-1918, died in exil in Holland, 4. June 1941

The reverse is simply an ideal of a battle scene depicting Austrian and German troops. Never seen such a medal before. There were many commemorative medals and also pinback badges produced and sold publicly to raise funds for the war effort, the Red Cross, or other charities.

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