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Two Memorials for two World Wars

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Two memorials for two World Wars in the small town of Uichteritz an der Saale, near Weissenfels, environment of Leipzig. For such a smal town, there is a very long list of casualties for both wars.

One of the first of these casualties of WW2 was Herbert Ranscht, born 8.6.1915, Unteroffizier of 2./ Kampfgeschwader 26, who fell in aerial combat over Rombakken-Fjord near Narvik on 29. May 1940. He was a Kamerad of Walter Neusüß, and was the only one of the crew who did not survive the ordeal of this aerial combat. Ranscht was Bordmechaniker on the He 111. When the machine made a crash-landing near Beisfjord, 30 km from Narvik, he was already dead. I learned that one and a half years later, he was recovered and interred in the German War Cemetery (Soldatenfriedhof) in Rombakken-Fjord. Ranscht is the second name on the top far left.

The memorial sight in the photo was errected just some years ago, which would not have been possible under the circumstances before the re-unification in 1989/90. In those days no-one was allowed to mention the war dead, or anything at all. "Verherrlichung des Faschismus" (glorification of faschism and war) was considered a crime punishable by death in the years of communist dictatorship.


The third memorial depicted is for the war of 1870/71.




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