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Imperial Anthems and Requiems

Kenny Andrew

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The music is the Prussian, later the German National Anthem, up till 9. November 1918. This was the hymn of the Monarchy, the melody is the same as "God save the King", but Prussia had the Anthem first. ´The Anthem was composed by Joseph Haydn. The words were by a different composer - they begin:

Heil dir im Siegerkranz,
Herrscher des Vaterlands!
Heil, Kaiser, dir!
Fühl in des Thrones Glanz
die hohe Wonne ganz,
Liebling des Volks zu sein!
Heil Kaiser, dir!


Nicht Ross und Reisige
sichern die steile Höh,
wo Fürsten stehn:
Liebe des Vaterlands,
Liebe des freien Manns
gründet den Herrscherthron
wie Fels im Meer.


Heilige Flamme, glüh,
glüh und erlösche nie
fürs Vaterland!
Wir alle stehen dann
mutig für einen Mann,
kämpfen und bluten gern
für Thron und Reich!


Handlung und Wissenschaft
hebe mit Mut und Kraft
ihr Haupt empor!
Krieger- und Heldenthat
finde ihr Lorbeerblatt
treu aufgehoben dort
an deinem Thron!


Sei, Kaiser Wilhelm, hier
lang deines Volkes Zier,
der Menschheit Stolz!
Fühl in des Thrones Glanz,
die hohe Wonne ganz,
Liebling des Volks zu sein!
Heil, Kaiser, dir!


Several verses, very nice. You can find them in the internet, text, etc. and also hear this under Youtube! The text originally had the word "Koenig" instead of Kaiser, before the 18th January 1871.


"Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles" was the new Hymn as from 1920 in the Weimar Republic, the melody was formerly the Austrian Hymn (Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze unseren Kaiser Franz), which had been dropped in November 1918, and the new words had been composed by Hoffmann von Fallersleben in the mid 19th Century on the then English Island of Helgoland (North Sea). Helgoland was later sold to the German Empire by Britain in 1889 in exchange for the East African Colony of Zanzibar plus so many million Goldmarks. The national hymn of 1920 was changed slightly in 1949 by the Federal Republic, the third verse with "Deutschland, Deutschland" über alles" was dropped and is strictly prohibited till today (emprisonment, etc) and only the other verses are allowed, "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit für das deutsche Vaterland..." is only permitted! All politicly correct, Sir! Otherwise the Allies are going to declare war again, when they see goose-stepping and hear "Deutschland, Deutschland..."


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I was horrified when I recently saw this video - there had been no news of this event, but I thought at first it was real the return of the Kaiser from Doorn to Berlin, for the very first time since 1918 -


because it had been against HIS Wishes, so long as the MONARCHY is not restored. I realised it was just a case of, what would be when, and felt relieved. The Kaisers last wishes were to remain in exile in Doorn, so long as there is no Monarchy in Germany, he would not set foot in a republic.


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and here, the National Hymn of Austria-Hungary:


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and the Imperial Russian Anthem:


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Kaiser Wilhelm I - popular tune a few decades ago; We want our old Kaiser Wilhelm back, but the one with the long beard...


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Imperial National Anthem re-instated plus full written text.

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another version


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