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Oberfeldwebel Hermann Riedel

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Two early or pre-war photos of Oberfeldwebel Hermann Riedel from Wandsbek. He was the husband of the proprietress of Fotoatelier Mercedes Riedel in the Feldstrasse in Wandsbek (now Walddörfer Strasse). He was Oberfeldwebel of the Reserve in Infanterie-Regiment 69 in Wandsbek, and ended the war as Stabsfeldwebel. He had served in WW1 from the very start with Infanterie-Regiment Bremen No.75 and also several other regiments. He got the Iron Cross 2nd class 1914, the Bremer Hanseatenkreuz and the black wound badge. In WW2 he was awarded the KVK 2nd class in 1941 and the 1st class on 20. April 1945 from Führerhauptquartier. These photos were taken by his wife in her foto studio at home. These photos I received from the daughter.


Further photos show grave and decorations as worn by Oberfeldwebel Riedel.







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Missing from the photos is the Bulgarian War Medal, 1915-18, which he also had. Further photos added, 13.October 2016

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