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Eric was a regular visitor to the Treasure Bunker and we are very sad to say he died on Sunday. Typically of his generation he was a very modest man and in all the times he visited the shop he never once said who he was. If it was not for the fact that the last time he visited, he sold us his Flying helmet, goggles and compass we would never had known it was him.

I added his flying helmet to our website and inside was written E. Brown. One of our customers in Australia contacted us and asked if the helmet belonged to Eric Brown? I told him I didn't know and we had bought it from an old gentleman who used to visit the shop.

The customer told me he knew Eric and asked if it was OK for him to contact him and ask if it was his helmet. This he duly did and Eric confirmed it was his helmet. At the time I was not familiar with who Eric was and quickly researched him, I was amazed when I read who he was and what he had done. I always hoped he would visit again so I could ask him about his exploits but sadly that was the last time we ever saw him.

Here is his wikipedia page


and a BBC documentary about Eric he was quite a character.







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