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Husaren Regiment 15

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Husar Gustav Ostendorff des Preußischen Husaren-Regiments Königin Wilhelmina der Niederlande (Hannoversches) Nr. 15 in Wandsbeck near by Hamburg - pictures attached

Here is another item of interest worth seeing. It is a photo taken in Summer 1914 of Husar Gustav Ostendorff of above-named regiment. Prussia had 16 line Husar regiments and the Leib-Garde-Husaren-Regt. in Potsdam. The regiment indicated had only a brief history, being raised in 1867 in the newly won territories after the successful war of 1866. It was afterwards renamed "Hannoversches Husaren-Regt.Nr.15" - but never stood on Hanoverian soil. At first in Düsseldorf, later transferred to Wandsbek and Itzehoe/Holstein. In 1898 the regiment was retitled after its new honorary commander, Queeem Wilhelmima of the Netherlands. In 1899 it received honorary battle honours of the campaigns of 1799-1815 in honour of it's Hanoverian predecessor The Royal Hanoverian Hussar Regt. "Königin", which had been disbanded in 1866 after Hannover was dissovled and annexed by Prussia. This was a reconciation attempt by Kaiser Wilhelm II with his newly won Hanoverian "subjects", many of whom had anti-Prussian sentiments and a dislike of Prussia. Old resentments grafually faded and most Hanoverians eventually accepted being a province of the Kingdom of Prussia. The picture shows Gustav Ostendorff from Oldenburg just before the outbreak of WW1, and the stable buildings and riding field in the background can be still recognised, and are partly preserved, being converted into private appartments and a shoppiing centre (the Reithalle). Ostendorff eventually reached the rank of Wachtmeister, and can be seen wearing the almost full regalia of the regiment, missing is only the sabretache. The tunic was dark blue with white braid and silver fittings. The shoulder cords bore the crowned monogram of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, a gothic "W". The fur busby had a lemon yellow kolpak and the white metal scroll bore the additional battle honours: Waterloo, Peninsula, El-Bodon, Barossa, which was unique to that regiment. Any militaria from this regiment can be considered extremely rare. There is a small town museum in Wandsbek, which has a small section dedicated to the short history of its regiment, along with an archive with details of its history. The sister regiment, No.16 with which it formed a joint brigade in the IX.Army Korps, was stationed in Schleswig. Opposite the former barracks in Wandsbek is the memorial with all the names of those of the regiment who lost their lives in the great war. It is also dedicated to Reserve-Husaren-Regiment No.6, which was raised by the parent regiment in 1914/15. Few details are known of latter formation. After the war, the regiment was quickly disbanded (1919). Some of its members served in the Freikorps and in the postwar troubles 1918/20. The tradition of the regiment was upkept by Reiter-Regiment 14, A-Squadron in Ludwigslust. The regimental standard was lost for many years in 1945, later turning up at an auction in southern Germany. It is now in a private collection.



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Further Husar Regiments in the Prussian Army


Braunschweigisches Husaren-Regiment No.17

(Braunschweig / Brunswick). Chef = Ernst August, Herzog von Braunschweig

(Brunswick), Raised: 1st April 1809


Further non Prussian Regiments:


Königlich Sächsisches 1. Husaren-Regiment König Albert No.18

(Großenhain) Chef = Friedrich August III., King of Saxony

Raised: 17th June 1734


Königlich Sächsisches 2. Husaren-Regiment No.19

(Grimma) Komm: = Oberstleutnant Bobsien

Raised: 30th July 1791


Königich Sächsisches 3. Husaren-Regiment No.20

(Bautzen) Komm: = Major Edler von der Planitz

Raised: 1st October 1910

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