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While I am at it I will also post my 1916 luger. Again this is an all matching piece even the magazine. It came with its holster which is also 1916 dated but had no luger tool or spare mag. I have since added them to the set. Of interest is the belt loops on the holster, both have been cut. It is my opinion that this was initially cut off a dead German. Whether the guy could not be bothered undoing the belt or the corpse was rotting I do not not know. I also think that this has also been together as a set since it was first issued, again though only my opinion and something that can never be proven :)






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allot of Lugers and other pistols did retain their original holsters as they were vet bring backs, and used by shooters before the pistol ban :thumbsup:

Mmmm the pistol ban :( I had to hand in a stainless 686 Smith and Wesson 357, a Mk3 Browning, .22 & .32 Hammereli and a .22 Des Unique, and all my Lee Turret press shells powder etc, I gave the lot in and got the cash :(

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