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Wehrmacht/SS Panzer Divisions List

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Here are Wehrmacht and SS panzer Divisions and their Emblems.


SS Divisions.

1SS. Pz Div - Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler.

2SS Pz Div - Das Reich ( also Verfugungstruppe, Deutschland, Reich).

3SS Pz Div - Totenkopf.

4SS Polizei - Panzergrenadier-Division - SS-Polizei-Division.

5SS Pz Div - Wiking ( also Germania ).

6SS Gebirgsjager-Div - Nord.

7SS Freiwilligen-Gebirgsjager-Division - Prinz Eugen.

8SS Kavallerie-Division - Florian Geyer.

9SS Pz Div - Hohenstaufen.

10SS Pz Div - Frundsberg ( also Karl der Grosse ).

11SS Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division - Nordland.

12SS Pz Div - Hitlerjugend.

13SS Gebirgsjager-Division ( Croation Nr 1 ) Handschar.

14SS Grenadier-Division ( Ukranian Nr 1 ) Galizien.

15SS Grenadier-Division ( Latvian Nr 1 ) Lettland.

16SS Panzergrenadier-Division - Reichsfuhrer-SS.

17SS Panzergrenadier-Division - Gotz von Berlichingen.

18SS Freiwillligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Horst Wessel.

19SS Grenadier-Division ( Latvian Nr 2 ) Latvia.

20SS Grenadier-Division ( Estonian Nr 1 ) Estland.

21SS Gebirgsjager-Division ( Albanian Nr 1 ) Skanderbeg.

22SS Kavallerie-Division - Maria Theresa.

23SS Gebirgsjager-Division ( Croation Nr 2 ) Kama..

23SS Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division ( Dutch Nr1 ) Nederland ( formed after the dissolution of Kama).

24SS Gebirgajager-Division - Karstjager.

25SS Grenadier-Division ( Hungarian Nr 1 ) Hunyadi.

26SS Grenadier-Division ( Hungarian Nr 2 ) Hungaria ( also Gombos ).

27SS Grenadier-Division ( Flemish Nr 1 ) Langemarck.

28SS Grenadier-Division - Wallonien.

29SS Grenadier-Division ( Russian Nr 1 ) R.O.N.A.

29SS Grenadier-Division ( Italian Nr 1 ) Italien ( formed after dissbanding of Rona ).

30SS Grenadier-Division ( Russian Nr 2).

30SS Grenadier-Division ( White Belarussian Nr 1 ) Weissruthenien ( formed after Russian Nr 2 dissbanded.

31SS Grenadier-Division - Batschka ( also Kukuruz, Lombard ).

32SS Grenadier-Division - 30.Januar.

33SS Kavallerie-Division ( Hungarian Nr 3 ).

33SS Grenadier-Division ( French Nr 1 ) Charlemagne. ( given the number after Hungarian Nr 3 Destroyed in battle.

34SS Grenadier-Division ( Dutch Nr 2 ) Landstorm Nederland.

35SS Polizei-Grenadier-Division SS Polizei-Division 2.

36SS Grenadier-Division - Dirlewanger.

37SS Kavallerie-Division - Lutzow.

38SS Grenadier-Division - Nibelungen ( also Junkerschule ).post-3823-0-43703100-1358185354_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-01280200-1358185386_thumb.gifpost-3823-0-03752200-1358185408_thumb.gifpost-3823-0-40676600-1358185440_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-49856900-1358185471_thumb.gifpost-3823-0-21716700-1358185538_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-45417500-1358185578_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-34337500-1358185631_thumb.gifpost-3823-0-40676600-1358185440_thumb.png

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Thanks for the SS Panzer division emblems leon21. I bought 4 stick pins years ago of the 1st SS Panzer division with the key. They were being sold as 1957 versions as they did not have a Swastika. & I got all 4 for $5 Aussie. I ran them past a forum & they told me they were genuine WW2 issue stick pins & could be worn after 1957 at re-unions. I sold them to someone in England. Wish I hadn't done that. Cheers Wolf.

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Hi Leon 21. Was looking at ss panzer division emblems you posted 1/15/2013. I am looking at buying a 11th ss division sick pin & saw that it is included in your post off various SS emblems. Went to research the 11th & came up with this as their emblem not the one in your post. Also a pic of the stick pin I am looking at buying. Strange. Any ideas. Cheers Wolf.




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Ghost = Gespenster-Division =  11. Panzer-Division. Pin could be a recent or post-war production

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Yes it does look very clean & definatley un worn. I passed up on bidding for it. Sold for 30 euro in the end. Thanks guys. Cheers Wolf.

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