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Atlantic Convoy Merchantmen


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Just been watching a local news item, about the Atlantic Convoy Merchantmen of WW2. Who risked their lives to

take vital surpplies to Russia, who not only had to fight off U-Boats - the Luftwaffe- and the elements. I find that

after all this time that the survivers are still seeking recognition from the British Govenment for a Medal of their

own. I don't know about you guys but I think this is a National Scandal. Only the Russians have seen fit to award

these brave men medals for the sacrifices they made for the war effort. :angry:

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They enabled the Soviets to conquer and occupy half of Europe and to divide it with the Iron Curtain for over 40 years.
If the German Landser had not slowed them down, they would have taken the whole of Europe before the Western Allies could arrive in Normandy.
In WW1 there was the Mercantile Marine Medal.

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