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German Uniforms and Bayonet

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I just ordered (and will review when it comes) a book called "Deutsche Uniformen und Seitengewehre, 1841-1945: 676 Abbildungen von Soldaten mit ihren Seitengewehren = German uniforms and bayonets, 1841-1945 : 676 pictures of soldiers with their bayonets".


It comes in German and English side by side and is published out of Germany by author Klaus Lübbe. Lübbe's other books are fantastic for the quality of design and clarity of photos so I am very excited to see what details on uniforms he has here. The book is available on Ebay and Amazon often for around £20-25.

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Sounds like a good book, Greg and very reasonably priced.


Look forward to your review when it comes.


Dave :rolleyes:

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Well it finally came! ^_^


At first glance the book has only a loose chronological order with no specific chapter headings or organization. A portion of this is due to the use of photos without dates or eras but showing soldiers we may only ID by uniform, weapon or other indicator.


Nevertheless the content is excellent with many enhanced images of Uniform items. There are excellent photos of Stormtrooper units and a particularly strong showing of Kreigsmarine units. I think one of my favorite is the interior of a Armory Shop showing the storage and reworking of all forms of German and captured weapons.


For anyone interested in German Uniforms, bayonets and weapons from 1841-1945, with a strong emphasis on Imperial Era items I would highly suggest the book.

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