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Hi all, been a while since i last posted updates of my collection. It has grown nearly 10x as large as what it was last time. :)

Mainly HJ items, but also some US gear to go with the Jeep is in the photos to.


Sorry about the photo quality, I forgot to set the camera up correctly.







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yep they are just little HJ rally pins.

I personally haven't seen many, but they are really cheap, in fact i was given one of them :)


I will try to get out what I like to call the "Damn Expensive" folder full of photos and rare documents that have cost me more money than I can even remember over the years :(

There is a genuine photo of even Hitler himself in the folder.

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Well displayed. I used to have a bit of a collection of HJ stuff a few years back. I think it is some of the most interesting of TR items.

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