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WW1 awards....what is this?


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Hi there,


I found a silver tray of 1914 ,that was an award for what....I don't know,suspect for Ferdinand Prinz zu Solms and his battalions,or in his name....really don't know.

Is there anybody who can clear up my mind on it's historical and economic value??


ciao ciaopost-36-1202255885_thumb.jpg

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Hi Ang, welcome to the forum ,are there any silver proof stamps on the plate?

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actually there's a stamp,I add one more photo,but if you need i can send you others.

You've been very kind to reply,have you ever heard about these battalions?


,best wishes.ang

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Hi Ang thank you for the further photo.


What you have there is a high quality silver salver presented to The Commander of the Regiment Oberstleutnant (Lt.Col) Solms. It was presented to him by his officers in his Regiment for good Service and Leadership in The Field during 1915/16. Most likely on his retirement.Unfortunately it does not mention the regiment he was commander of.I have also been unable to find any information on his war record either however this may be possible to research.


As for value I would imagine in the region of £250 - £350 ($500-$700) or even maybe more once more research was done.


We would be happy to sell it for you on our website on a commission basis if that was any interest to you.


We would obviously research it first to make sure we get you the best price.


Hope this has been helpful



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Hello Kenny,


I apologize for this very late reply,your informations have been precious.

I add some links where i found some of the officials mentioned on the tray,if you want to take a look:







my best regards to you




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Hi Ang,


yes I came across that information too on the second link, unfortunately the Officer named Solms is not the same one on your plate he is a Hauptmann or Captain when he was killed where as your man is Oberstleutnant Lt Col much higher rank.


I could not match any men from your first link as there are many men on the plate and on the list you added.However if you can find the names and they match please list them and at least we will know which unit the plate is from.


cheers Kenny.

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Hi there,


actually I' ve found two lieutenants corresponding to the first two names on the list :


Oberleutnant SAUTIER,Friedrich Alexander - Unit FAR 51 6/9/1917


Oberleutnant BEIER,Arthur Richard - Unit RIR 109 4/1/1917


There's another one,but is a very common name and i don't think it matches with the ones of the battallion.

Thanks to everybody for the tips.

Ken, may i contact you privately?


ciao a tutti,ang

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