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Uhlan Saber


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Greetings everyone! I have always been a headgear and insignia collector, but I’m thinking about venturing into Swords. I have an ancestor who was an officer in the Prussian Uhlans at the outbreak of WW1. I’m curious as to what saber he would’ve carried, how I could authenticate it, and if possible where I could look for one. Many thanks in advance. Also if anyone could recommend a book about Austrian, Bavarian, or Prussian swords from the Napoleonic Era I would greatly appreciate that as well! 

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The Ulans used various weapons.
Kavallerie-Säbel M.1811
Ulanensäbel M.1849, 1879
Kavalleriesäbel M.1852
Kavalleriedegen M.1889
Officers usually had the officers cavalry sabre with various lion head hilts etc., these richly gilded.

See also the many topics under TreasureBunker, with descriptions and photos!










Offizier Säbel

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