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WW2 German Coin Purse


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Just got this in, a period leather coin purse with quite a bit of coins inside. I will have to treat the leather as it is a little stiff. 



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 Ok that is cool. When I was at Milwaukee County Medical Grounds we were removing 1600burials and a good number of the more ripe bodies were buried with coin purses containing 1880s-1900 coins mostly US , but some of the immigrants still used German, Polish, and Italian coins. The bodies were people that were generally found in the streets and in such decay and smell that they were just buried at the pulper's cemetery without a search for personal items.  Some even still had gold teeth. Most burials were from the nut house. A new hospital was being built and the old cemetery had to be removed.

 My grandfather had a small box of Polish and Russian coins from when he arrived in Milwaukee.   He saved a silver dollar for each year from his arrival in 1887 to  1935. I got those in 1961 when he died.   Odd, back in the day you could buy things  with just coins, but then what did one make for a days work $5? 

link:  https://www.linkstothepast.com/milwaukee/poorfarm2.php


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