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ZV4 Turkish marked Zbrojovka Brno Pellet trainer

72 usmc

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Does anyone have any information about the  Czech ZV4 Pellet rifle trainer? I just picked one up at a Wi, USA gun show that is in great condition and has Turkish rack markings on the stock.  The barrel is Czech marked and made at Brno. These are really heavy and well made.  These are rarely found in the U. S.  This is a 4.5mm or .177 inch pellet, break action springer.

 This rifle:   http://www.vzduchovka.cz/prehled/43000/43000_en.html

 I will post some photos of the stock markings when I  can get some day light photos. 

This is not the normal military Vz 47 trainer:  http://www.vzduchovka.cz/prehled/40000/40000.html





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Another rare ZV4 found in U. S.  with Turk rack numbers. My lucky day. .177 pellet trainer.  At $25,🤫 I was a bandit.image.thumb.jpeg.36c99d4cf6f530da61cf99eaf43bdb2f.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.2bc4b1a6ad637d6bca9a16bf3b91b88d.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.193edb0b2fba9c199d21928285063a19.jpeg

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I had a German made .177 air rifle when I was over in Germany awhile back, fun to shoot! Great find!

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