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WW2 Lewis Gun Manual


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This just arrived today, a very nice condition WW2 Lewis Gun Manual dated 1942, it has 55 pages. On the cover it has the name Sgt. Joseph Toth, army serial number 35030098, bought in Birmingham 2/24/44. Below that is a similar inscription, this time with the rank of T/4, for technician 4th grade. Joseph Toth was Born in 1912 in Ohio, he enlisted in the US Army in March of 1941. He passed away in 1998. 

Sgt. Toth was assigned to the 23rd Fighter Squadron which was based in RAF Kingsnorth, part of the 9th Air Force's 36th Fighter Group. The squadron received the Distinguished Unit Citation in September 1944 for supporting the D-Day Invasion in France. It was also recognized for supporting units during the Battle of the Bulge. Between October 1944 and January 1945, while operating from airfields in Belgium, the squadron earned two citations in the Belgian Army Order of the Day as well as the Belgium Fourragère. The unit was awarded a second Distinguished Unit Citation for action in Germany during April 1945. The 23rd FS was inactivated in 2010, its equipment and personnel were merged into the 480th FS, which is currently at Spangdahlem AFB in Germany. 











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Excellent, I love these items. They are a real snapshot of history - nowadays you just get a link to a website for instruction!! 😂

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