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Hitler Youth Knife.


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Hello fellow Collectors! In need of some help. My Ex girlfriend gave me this Hitler Youth knife as a gift as it was her Uncle's whom didn't want it anymore. I am no knife expert by any means. I would just like to know if it is real or a knockoff. 


Thank you in advance 








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An original example. Unfortunate that the grip is damaged, but that could be repaired, either the damaged grip side restored or an original replacement fitted, this would need to be done by a skilled craftsman. Original grips and original rivets can still be obtained. There are also reproduction grips available. Perhaps Kenny can help out with original parts or finding a source. There is also an address in America - Colonel Johnson, a 3rd Reich dagger specialist gets many parts, original and copy from time to time and has a large stock. You may be lucky to find something on line.
Someone has painted the fastening button red on the retaining strap, usually these were either black or polished chrome. A bit of oil on the blade would clean it up, avoid contact with the leather parts, for these a good black shoe polish would be sufficient, first of all, clean dirt and dust from the leather. With an old toothbrush you can remove the dirt between the patterns on the grips, these are bakelite. The scabbard has lost all of it's black paint finish. The dagger was made in 1940 as you can see with the RZM stamp with the 40. Otherwise a nice example, maker is Gustav Spitzer, Solingen RZM M7/80 (19)40

Fahrtenmesser in Militaria-Ausrüstung & -Ersatzteile (1918-1945) online  kaufen | eBay

Here is my example, the grips were ok, but the entire dagger really needed cleaning up, which I did:







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Yes original dagger, I would probably leave the grips as they are, at least the damage is to the rear so won't be seen when displayed.  You could clean it as Fritz suggests and touch up the button which should be black.   

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Thank you both for taking the time giving me great news, information, and the tips on cleaning it up, I appreciate it very much! 

That is one beautiful restoration! 


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