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British ww2 helmet?


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I got this helmet from a friend who brought it back from Afghanistan many years ago. Its supposed to be a ww2 british helmet. But exactly which im not sure.

It has been sandblasted and primed on the outside. So there is no original paint left.

"III"and "1941" are marked on the strap holder. And above that, what appears to be "AJ"


Can anybody identify it further from this?

Thank you.






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Welcome Mellandry, the MKIII chin strap lugs/holders were made for the MK3 Turtle helmet, first developed in 1941.

But was no manufactured on mass till late 1943, it's possible some of the chin strap lugs could have been made in 1941

intended for the Turtle helmet shells and used in some Brodie helmets being made in 1941.

The shell is the British Brodie type shell used in WW1 and WW2 but were made by many Allied Countries, even the Dutch

made this type of shell and refurbished them using surplus British Brodie chin strap lugs post war.

I've not come across the AJ mark before although this could be a steel heat/batch mark.

hope this helps.

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Hello Leon

Thank you very much for your answer. Sorry for the late response.

Its definitely helpful.

I had hoped to be able to identify exactly where and when the helmet was made. But i understand that's difficult with the limited information on the helmet.

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