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German MG Wrench


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Here is a wrench used on German MG 08's and MG 08/15's. These wrenches were originally made in WW1, but continued through WW2 as the MG's were pressed back into service.  It is a basic multi-tool, with a wrench head on one end that fits the booster assembly on the MG's and the other end has a hammer, screwdriver bit (which was removable) and pry bar. This one also has stamps. It is getting hard to find these is good shape with no pitting and bluing still present. 




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Picked up the 2nd hammer that goes with the maintenance set for the MG's, this version is much harder to find, the first one listed is quite common. My example had a lot of surface rust, so I did a rust treatment and used black primer to seal the metal. The wrench end on this tool unscrews the muzzle. 



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