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WW2 Belgian Vlaamse Wacht Cap Badge


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Vlaamse Wacht Cap Badge
Not an often seen badge that came to me amongst a lot of Stahlhembund badges I bought so not of interest to me but could be to others here.
This is a cap badge for the 4th Battalion of the Vlaamse Wacht based in Brussels. The Vlaamse Wacht (Flemish Guard) was a collaborationist paramilitary formation which served as an auxiliary police in parts of German-occupied Belgium during World War II. By 1944 the Vlaamsche Wacht had approximately 2500 members in four Battalions, stationed in Ghent, Antwerp (with 1 company in Maaseik), Bruges (with 1 company in Kortrijk) and Brussels (with companies in Brussels, Leuven and Hasselt). During the liberation, the Vlaamsche Wacht moved to Germany, where the remnants were largely incorporated into the Langemarck Division. Several hundred refused and joined the Vlaamsche Flakbrigade or were put to work in German factories.
If my research is correct this is a cap badge, set in a ring. A similar badge but without the ring was used on the uniform above the left breast pocket as shown in the other photos.




Bild 101III-Damm-Jensen-017-23A.jpg

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In wear.....


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