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Erich von Stroheim, the man you'd love to hate

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More Stro'  - Fugitive Hate


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Erich von Stroheim
Porträts, Character rôles and the spirit of Prussian militarism ad adsurdum

Born as a minor aristocrat in Wien and later a cadet in an Austrian military academy, which education he broke off, Stro made his fame in Hollywood, made anti German propaganda films for the Allies in 2 wars
and spent his final years at his country home in France, he received the Legion d'Honneur for
his lifes works from the government. He had an amazing eye for detail combined with his own fantasies, his private interests were beautiful women and alcohol. On the film set, he was a house tyrant and insisted on strict discipline at all times.

Blind Husbands, Foolish Wives - ray Filmmagazin

Wicked: the man they loved to hate. From Blind Husbands (Erich von... |  Download Scientific Diagram

File:Erich Von Stroheim, silent film actor (SAYRE 10069).jpg - Wikimedia  Commons

Bild zu Erich Von Stroheim - Die große Illusion : Bild Erich Von Stroheim -  FILMSTARTS.de

Erich Von Stroheim - UniFrance

Fünf Gräber bis Kairo« (1943). © Universal Pictures

Five Graves to Cairo...

Rotten Tomatoes: Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers | Reviews - Rotten  Tomatoes

Fugitive Road, Erich Von Stroheim, 1934 Photograph by Everett

Bild zu Erich Von Stroheim - Die große Illusion : Bild Erich Von Stroheim,  Pierre Fresnay - FILMSTARTS.de

Erich von Stroheim - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

As a governor of a prisoner of war camp in a remote castle


In the end he was forced to shoot his friend Capitaine de Boildieu

VON STROHEIM, Part Two: Toward The Pinnacle – 11 East 14th Street

File:Erich von Stroheim - Aug 1922 Photoplay.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

As a Regisseur he could be a house tyrant

Cine Concert: The Merry Widow by Erich von Stroheim



Lebemann and Grandseigneur and immer von schönen Frauen umgeben

Erich von Stroheim - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

The man who would be Boss

Erich von Stroheim - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

toujours galant

The Heart of Humanity. 1919. Directed by Allen Holubar | MoMA

der Verführer

Erich Von Stroheim, Ca. 1923 Metal Print by Everett

Toujours la noblesse


Post war film with Hildegard Knef

Movie Market - Photograph & Poster of Erich Von Stroheim 171475

He remained an Austrian "Prussian" in any guise.
These miniatures look like French medals...

Legion d'honneur 1870 | eBay

His only decoration at the end of his real life would be the Légion d'Honneur from the government of France.


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