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7. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 155


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Oberleutnant, 7. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 155
Garrison: I. u. II. Btl. Ostrowo, III. Btl. Pleschen, V. Armee-Korps
raised 1897



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Officer list, June 1914



Officer list, including losses, 1914-18
published 1926

The regiment was raised as Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 155 during the  on 31. March 1897, it's garrison was in Ostrowo, the III. Batallion in Pleschen. The regiment was under the 77. Infanterie-Brigade of the 10. Division.

It was raised from the IV. (half) batallion of 1. Westpreußisches Grenadier-Regiment 6, Westpreußisches Füsilier-Regiment 37 and the Niederschlesichen Infanterie-Regimenter 46 and 47 with first of all 2 batallions.

On 27. January 1902, on the birthday of Wilhelm II. decreed by Highest Cabinet Order that the regiments previously without any special designation would be granted a title for the sake of tradition and for easy recognition.  As from this date therefore the regiment was known as 7. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 155.

At the outbreak of the Great War the regiment was mobilised on 2. August 1914. The II. Batallion took the Russian-Polish border town of Kalisz (Kalisch) and was involved with the ultimate destruction of the town. After the total mobilisation the regiment, together with the V. Armee-Korps was moved to the Western Front, where it remained till the end of the war.

With the 77. Infanterie-Brigade within the 10. Reserve-Division it took part in the battle of Longwy-Longuyon and in the sector Othain. After this the regiment was transferred to the Verdun region, where it took part in trench warfare as from 20. February 1916.

A short history of the regiment can be seen under:



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Caures-Wald - Bois des Caures -
Verdunschlacht - 21.-24. Februar 1916

Die relative Ruhe für das Infanterie-Regiment 155 erfuhr im November 1915 ein abruptes Ende. Mittels entsprechender Regiments- und Korpsbefehle wurde die massive Erweiterung der vorderen  Stellungen angeordnet. Schusssichere Unterstände für eine große Zahl an Sturm- und Bereitschaftstruppen, eine starke zweite Linie und Annäherungsgräben wurden errichtet. Schnell war jedem klar, dass diese eilig zu erledigenden Arbeiten der Vorbereitung eines großen Angriffsunternehmens dienten: der kommenden Verdunschlacht.
Mit dem 5. Februar 1916 trat die 77. Infanterie-Brigade unter den Befehl des weiter westlich stehenden VII. Reserve-Korps. Am 11./12. Februar 1916 erfolgte die Ablösung der im Caureswald eingesetzten Teile des IR 155 durch das XVIII. (hessische) Armee-Korps unter dem Kommando des Generals Dedo von Schenk. Zum Einsatz kam die 21. Division unter General Ernst von Oven sowie die 25. Division unter General Viktor Kühne.
The quiet period of rest for Infanterie-Regiment 155 was brought to an abrupt end in November 1915. Orders on Corps and Regimental levels brought a massive increase of defences in the forward positions of the front line.
Bombproof shelters for a large number of storm and emergency units, a fortified second line and approach trenches were prepared. It was evident to everyone that these hurried preparations were for the assault in the coming Battle of Verdun.
On the 5. February 1916 the 77. Infantry Brigade was placed under the VII. Reserve-Korps further west. On 11./12. February 1916 the units from J.R. 155 were replaced by the XVIII. (Hessiches) Armee-Korps under the command of General Dedo von Schenk. The 21. Division under General Ernst von Oven and the 25. Division under General Viktor Kühne were to see action.
Translation to follow
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