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WWI Royal Defence Corps Badge


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The Royal Defence Corps was a Corps of the British Army formed in March 1916 and disbanded in 1936.

The role of the Corps was to provide troops for security duties guarding important buildings, dockyards,

Ports and bridges, it also provided troops for guarding Prisoner of  War Camps.

One such unit the 162 Protection Coy which came under Northern Command, was based at ( Breary Banks )

Colsterdale Camp York, it was a  village of huts which had been built for the Leeds Corporation Reservoir

Construction Workers.

The camp was first used as a training camp for the Leeds Pals Battalion in 1914, when the Pals left in 1915

bound for France, the 15th Battalion Yorks & Lancs moved to the camp for training.

In July 1916 the Yorks & Lancs moved to Newsham near Blyth.

And in Jan 1917 Breary Banks Camp became a POW Camp for German Officers and a few hundred sailors.

The camp was near Masham on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Below are images of Badges and other items  associated  with R.D.C and men who served in the 162 Coy.

Images and photo's from other sources.








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All yours?

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No Paul, all images found while researching the 162 Protection Coy, I found that one of my distant relatives served in the 162 Coy

he was Private William Widdal No 90252 born in 1885 in Oldham, joined the Manchester Regiment in 1915 No38050.

He was later transferred to the 162 Coy of the R.D.C. in 1917 and served till 1919 when he was discharged he died in 1952.

Another person who was also in the 162 Coy was Private William Jagger No 67236 son of Mr & Mrs G Jagger; husband of Ethel Taylor

( Formerly Jagger ) of Chapel Lane Wilmslow Manchester he died 3rd December 1918 age 31.

Below is a Photo of the monument which now stands on the site of the former Colserdale Camp to commemorate the Leeds Pals



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