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Panther in Heikendorf, Schleswig-Holstein


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A pensioner owned for many years an original Panther tank, which he had stored in his large subterranean cellar under his house. All local residents knew of his passion for collecting militaria. The Panther he had purchased from the UK in the late 1970s from a scrapyard and restored it for a large sum. For many years no-one questioned his right to own a Panzer. The cannon was no longer serviceable, as the breech had been blocked and the breech block removed. Many years ago he had used the Panzer for clearing snow from the road in the area.
A few years back there was a tremendous echo and police and Bundeswehr appeared on the scene. The owner has been charged under the Kriegswaffengesetz with illegal possession, along with many other items, also NS art by Arno Breker was confiscated. It took the Bundeswehr nine hours of manoevering the Panther out of the cellar and onto a transporter, where it was brought to an unknown destination. That was around 7 or 8 years ago and now the owner is being charged by the Landgericht Kiel. He has a good lawyer, but under the present law changes things are looking bleak. The owner is now around 86 years old.

Latest reports disclose that the Panther has been confiscated and sold by the Bundesregierung for over one million Euros to a museum in the USA. The 86 year old rightfull owner could face several years jail sentence. Also confiscated were an 88 cm flak, a torpedo and a collection of small arms.

The whole issue is an unheard scandal.







Also confiscated, the horses by Arno Breker from the Reichskanzlei


The horses are now in storage in a police depot in Bad Bergzabern. It has been debated whether they should go to a museum. The collector has simply lost all his collection, which was his lifework, as his lawyer stated.
He also faces a jail sentence of several years, depite his 86 years. All of his property was obtained legaly and paid.



An entire collection and a life long work was confiscated




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Wow, makes my collection look small by comparison.

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I don't get the impression that your collection is small!  Who is able to collect armoured vehicles and aircraft? The man must have been the last private collector to own something like this in Germany, where antiques are now classed as "war material or weapons", (the German state has lost it's sense of humor due to an explosion of political correctness) otherwise no longer possible, see the laws there.
N.B.: This was not just a "Panzer" it was a "Nazi" Panzer! All flags were also confiscated, just for the record, in fact, everthing, his entire collection, lock, stock and barrel were confiscated. The German state has become a Thief and a rogue state - Raubstaat / Schürkenstaat B.R.D.

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I know of collectors in the US that have tanks, armored vehicles, planes, helicopters etc. Each state has different laws on such things and the government as well. Political correctness seems to be everywhere today unfortunately. 

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